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Fathers Day 2019 is on 16 June in India

Father's Day, A great and auspicious day for showing love and respect to your fathers. On this day we all celebrate fatherhood and with this, we try to make our parental bonds stronger.

Fathers Day 2019 In India

In India, Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of the month of June. And this year it is on 16 June, all Indians are excited for this day. On this day you can do whatever you want to do for your Father and make him feel that you love him a lot and you proud to be his son.
We always thanks motherhood but why we forget to thanks fatherhood, fatherhood is also respectable that is totally dedicated towards his Job.

Different View

Infocompile appreciates that all Indians celebrates this day, but why to respect parent on this day only. You have to respect your parents and fathers every day. So think about it and comment us in comment box to show your concern in this matter.

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