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Twelve steps to Set and Achieve your Goals

Guys, We always have many problems in our life in achieving our goals of life. Sometimes it is because we don't know about the proper steps that, how we can achieve that. Here we have 12 steps for achieving your goals or aims of your life.

Twelve steps to Set and Achieve your Goals

1. Have a Desire


The very first thing before moving towards the goals is to have a desire that what you want to achieve in your life. What do you really want? This step is very important because if you don't have desires than there is nothing to achieve.

2. Believe that your goal is Achievable

The second thing that you have to do is to believe that your goal achievable. If you believe on this without any fear of failure, then you can definitely move towards step three.

3. Write your Goal down


You also have to write your goals down. Writing your goals means not seriously writing those down on a piece of paper. That really means that you have to write that all down in your mind. You can also write that on a piece of paper for your better rememberings. But this is a foolish thing according to us. Because your goals should be so clear that you don't need to remember that by writing on the paper.

4. Determine your starting point

Starting Point

Before starting or diving into that work you should take care that you should start with the correct starting point. This makes your base more strong for achieving your goals. Choosing a correct starting point means if you have to brush your teeth then you first need to take toothpaste on your toothbrush, then you have to rub your teeth with that and so on as you know. So choosing the starting point is also necessary.

5. Determine why you want it?


You should determine your goal that why you are actually going to towards that goal. Why you want the goal. This will give you positive energy, and motivation and helps you in not giving up from the difficulties. Like if you are doing all your effort for your parents then when you will fear depressed then you can think about your parents that will give you power for overcoming all the difficulties of your life.

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6. Set a Deadline


For achieving the targeted success you need to set up your deadline for your goal. If you do so then it will make you bound to do your work on time, which will speed your work capacity. Creating deadlines makes your performance fast because this will increase pressure on your mind to complete that work on time. So creating such type of pressure on yourself is good for your goal achievement.

7. Identify the obstacles in your way


If you identify the obstacles in your life then you will be able to prevent a future accident that may occur in your goal's path. This will be a good rule to practice for preventing any type of problems that may will come in your way to success

8. Determine the Additional Knowledge and Skills You Need

Set and Achieve your Goals

If you need other additional skills then you can add them to your knowledge account. This will make you eligible for the goal. Additional Skills always are for boost up of your speed for your goal.

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9. Determine the People whose help you will need

People whose help you will need

You also have to determine the list of those peoples that can help you out in your task or goal. These people can help you in your difficult situation.

10. Make a Plan: Put it all Together

Making a plan is the most important rule for achieving goals. A plan gives you an ability to finish the task in a limited amount of time, in a proper way. A plan always tells that what you have to do at what time, and plan always make you able to tackle your problems.

11. Visualise your goal Continually

Visualizing your goals clearly and continually gives you a motivation to get your desired goals.

12. Never Give up

Never Give Up

Never giving up means you have to complete your goal at any cost and you never have to give up.

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