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How to Deactivate Facebook 2019 | How to Deactivate FB

Sometimes we need to deactivate facebook account due to some reasons. Deactivation of facebook account is an alternative method of deleting your account. A deactivated account can be reactivated but a deleted account cannot be reactivated if it's warning period expired. For more information about Facebook account deletion Visit Here, or to deactivate your FB account temporarily, follow these steps.

How to Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily

Here, we have given some steps to deactivate a Facebook account. You will definitely feel easy to understand the whole process because we have the proper images for each step that we have explained below.
  1. Open Facebook on PC or in your mobile app.
  2. Open account settings
    open settings
    Open Settings
  3. Click on General Settings.
    open General settings
    Click on General
  4. Click on Manage your account
    Manage your account
    Open Manage your account
  5. Then click Deactivate your account
    deactivate your account
    Deactivation your account
  6. Follow the instructions to confirm, at last system will ask you to enter your password for security reasons.
    Enter Password to confirm your identity
    Enter password to confirm your identity
  7. After this account will be deactivated. Leave the app.
After all this your account will be deactivated and you have to reactivate you facebook account to get back on your facebook.

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