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How to make money online without investment | Ways to make extra money

When job seekers, think about how to make money online for free, they try to find some ways to make extra money. There are many good ways to earn money online but many websites are also cheating online earners. That's the reason, people don't feel safe in earning money online.
When this problem is observed by us, we feel bad for those who want to earn online, but they can't do so because of lack of knowledge.

Here, in this post, we have brought some real methods of earning online. So feel free to read the remaining post that we prepared especially for you.

Top 10 Ways to Make Extra Money Online

Ways to make extra money
Top 10 ways to Make Extra Money Online

1. Online Surveys

Online surveys are very popular among students because they can easily make extra money in their spare time, by just filling some survey forms online. Many companies especially research companies are always busy to hire online members worldwide. They will hire you because they need people, who can answer different surveys. For example, a car company need to know what colour normally people prefer for their car. So, when people from all around the world will answer this question, the company get some colours that are globally appreciated on a car. Then the company accordingly, paint cars with those colours that value everyone.
But why somebody will waste time in answering such questions. That's the reason the survey site pay us to do so. And for relevant money offers anyone can answer these survey.
Some survey websites are:

2. Paid for searching the web

This is also a wonderful way of earning extra money online. In this, you have to just surf the internet in your free time. By doing this only, you can earn extra money online. But for this, you have to install any external browser or add an add-on to your existing browser. After doing this when you search from browser then some other sponsored results automatically open on your browser. You can ignore them and go through your work. But the only motto of such a website is to show there adds to you. And that's not a big matter if they are paying for that.
So you can also join this way to make extra money from home.
Some sites that pay well for searching the web are:

3. Start your own website

This is one of the most popular ways of earning money online. You can start your own website and earn handsome money online. It is a professional way of earning and you have to pay more attention, mind, and time than you spend in any other way of earning online. But according to the hard work in this job, the payment and earning is also great.
So, start your own website now, if you don't know how to make a website then comment below. We will guide you soon with more articles and personal support if needed.

4. Review Websites and apps for cash

You can also earn some extra money by reviewing websites and application for cash. You can join yourself with This website gives you a chance to review many products like websites and applications. You have to just go through the applications and websites and give your suggestions for improvements and also inform website owners for any error or mistake in their product. This will take your 20-25 minutes in one review and you will get $10 for that via PayPal.

5. Start Writing E-books

You can start writing your own e-books for earning money. This is a way of earning passive income, from writing about your views, story, concepts, knowledge, and many more. For preparing and publishing E-Book:
  1. you have to first write a book offline
  2. Then you have to convert it into PDF
  3. And upload this PDF to amazon kindle for free. 
You can charge any amount for your book while publishing it online. And when your book will be purchased, 30% of your book price will go to the amazon and 70% will come to your account.
Join Amazon Kindle Now for starting your online E-Book store.

6. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn online. Many companies are offering good affiliate marketing programs. InfoCompile will recommend you to go with amazon affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a work in which you have to promote any product of any website or company. Then if your promoted product will be purchased from your promoted link, you will get some amount from the product owner. After that, you can collect all your revenue to your account. 
So this can be your choice for earning money online.

7. Sell your photos

You can sell your photos online by joining one of these sites:
  1. 500px Prime
  2. SmugMug Pro
  3. Shutterstock
  4. iStockphoto
  5. Etsy
All these websites will pay you for your photos. If you want to travel somewhere then you should go there with your camera. Because your unique, amazing, excellent photos worths allot on these websites. For more details about these websites comment below the post.

8. YouTube videos

You can become a YouTuber for serving people. Serving means Serving your knowledge, ideas, views, to your viewers. And when you will get popular 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time in past 12 months then you can monetize your channel for earning money too. YouTube is one of the famous and successful web application, website or tool from google.

9. Freelance work

There are many websites that are providing Freelance work like FlexJobs, SolidGigs, Fiverr, Upwork, CloudPeeps, Indeed, College Recruiter, Freelancer etc. You can join any one of them according to your choice. Actually, these websites contact both clients and workers. after that, the client will get their job done by workers online formally called freelancers. On every task complete they gave you the amount to complete a task that was pre-declared.

10. Sell on your education!

If you are educated and have command on any specific subject or topic then you can become an online tutor. You can join platforms to teach online because there are many platforms that are providing such facilities. You can find many platforms by searching on google for "online tutors jobs".
If you want a list of some reliable or trustworthy platforms from us then Comment us below in the comment section.We will add details of them as soon as possible.


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