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Jio Giga TV launch with Jio Giga Fiber | Cost, Booking, registration details

According to a rumoured Jio Giga tv news on web, the JioGigatv is going to be launched with JioGiga Fiber on 12 august. Reliance will launch these new gadgets, plans and facilities in its annual general meeting event on August 12, 2019. After that meeting, all rumoured information may get verified. Reliance annual general meeting predictably cover topics on Jio Giga tv booking, Jio Giga tv registration, Jio Giga tv setup box, Jio Giga tv cost.

It is also in a rumour that  Jio Giga tv will come with a set-top box, so probably the public will also get confirmed about Jio Giga tv set-top box, its booking, its plans, its cost. If you want to watch jio giga tv set top box unboxing then watch it here.

Reliance Jio Giga tv with 4K set-top box

Reliance Jio could be starting the GigaTV service in India, with a 4K set-top box. GigaTV is coming with a double offer along with Jio GigaFiber. The monthly subscription for both starts from Rs 600 only. All Subscribers will get 600 TV channels comprising all entertainment, devotional and news channels in high resolution as a standard. Doesn't sound good?, 600 channels in 600 Rs.

We have to wait for 12 august for proper updates till then we can only make assumptions. Reliance is assumed to appear up with the commercial or retail prices of its broadband service at the 42nd Annual General Meeting which is preplanned on August 12.
But, just before the awaited launch, the leaks suggests that GigaTV could be launching alongside GigaFiber and it will offer a 4K set-top box to subscribers.

This launch will definitely negatively change the growth of  DTH and Broadband services. Because if rumours are correct that 600 TV channels and GigaFiber both in 600 Rs. Subscription fee. Then it will cost cheaper than Buying a broadband connection and DTH connection. The public will enjoy the power of the internet and entertainment of TV only at 600 Rs. per month

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It would be unwise to blindly believe in this because this is a leak, not proper news. However, when going through all the earlier leaks and rumours circling GigaTV, it seems reasonable.

If the subscription of these both Jio GigaFiber and JioGiga TV, which could be known as Jio Triple Play Plan, begin from Rs 600, it will offer a very cost-effective and affordable all-rounder performance solution to homes and offices. For Rs 600 per month, future subscribers will get access to 50Mbps broadband with up to 100GB data, 600 free TV channels in 4K high resolution, and free unlimited high definition calls via the landline connection.

Reliance is hosting the 42nd AGM event on August 12 and we are expecting the company to make these services public at the event.

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