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WebMD Pill Identifier Tool | How to use Amazing WebMD Pill Identifier

If you are having trouble in identifying pills at your home, office then you can use a pill identification tool from WebMD. WebMD Pill identifier is a tool that identifies the pills online by the shape, colour, or imprint(the text on pills) of your prescribed or OTC drug. After the proper identification, they will display the picture that you can compare to your pill. Means you can use this, WebMD pill finder for finding any pill's description or prescription.
WebMD pill identification is a trusted way of checking pills description, Uses, Side Effects, Precautions, Interactions, Overdose, Images and much more.

WebMD Pill Identifier Tool

WebMD pill identifier is a pill identification tool. WebMD detects pill imprint and then search on his pill identifier website.
WebMD pill identifier is a pill identification tool.
WebMD pill identifier is a pill identification tool.
This WebMD pill id or pill identification is very useful. One should use these WebMD medication lookup facilities. So, let's learn how to use this tool. If your pill have any text or number on it then you can easily use WebMD pill identifier by number to find your pill's details. But here we will learn about a proper way of using this tool.

Steps to use WebMD Pill Checker

  1. Visit here for Pill Identifier.
  2. Then fill some details about your pill like:
    • Text on one side
    • Text on the other side(if available)
    • Colour of the Pill
    • The shape of the Pill
  3. Then Click on "View Results".
  4. Compare your pill with the results of the WebMD Pill Identifier.
  5. Click on the matched result to get details of the pills.
  6. Read about the pill:
    • Uses
    • Side Effects
    • Precautions
    • Interactions
    • Overdose
    • Images
  7. After getting proper details, use the pill accordingly.

If No Text on Pills

This tool only contains pills approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). If your pill does not have imprint or the imprint is not found, it could be a vitamin, supplement, illegal drug or from a country out of the U.S.

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