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Alia Bhatt’s Morning Routine on Set | Alia Bhatt's New video on Youtube

Hey guys, Alia Bhatt's New video is rocking on youtube. She had published a few minutes ago and got 50,409 views till yet. You can also enjoy watching this video here.

Alia Bhatt’s Morning Routine on Set

Alia is starting this video by saying Good morning to all her fans. Then she is telling that what she used to do in moring. She said that "as soon as I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is open my eyes". She also said that she makes sure that she doesn't pick up her phone in the morning. And she doesn't waste time checking social media in the morning. In short, she is briefing her morning routine in this 8 minutes 31-seconds video. So, enjoy watching this video here.

She also wrote this in her description: Watch me showing you my morning routine on shoot days! I hope you guys liked this video, if you did then don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to my channel! See you guys in my next video, toodles!

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