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How to Calculate Percentage with Calculator | Easy Method

Here in this post, you will learn "How to calculate Percentage with Calculator?". Technically the term "percentage" refers to a portion or part out of 100, in real-world terms, it actually deals with how a portion of something – say, that half-eaten cake – compared to the whole. For example, one-half of something is equal to 50 percent, or 50 out of 100. You can use a calculator to easily calculate or work out percentages. But before that we want you to read about "Why and Where we need percentage?".

Why we need a Percentage? | Where a percentage is used?

Do you know where the percentage is used? We use percentage to make people understand the fraction of something. Percentages can be compared more easily than fractions. So we need a percentage to make it easier to understand fractions.
Percentages are used in those conditions when the fraction is complicated to understand. Hey, let's take an example. Someone tells you that he has eaten 200 toffies out of 743 toffies. Then it may confuse you that "what fraction of toffies he has eaten" or "How much toffies are Consumed". But it is really simple to understand if you calculate the percentage that is 26.91 %. Now after seeing this you can easily understand that he has eaten quite more than one-fourth of all toffies. Now let's dive into the method of calculating the percentage with a calculator.

How to Calculate Percentage with Calculator

How to Calculate Percentage with Calculator | Easy Method
How to Calculate Percentage with Calculator | Easy Method

The formula for calculating percentage is Percentage = (Part / Whole) * 100. Let's understand with some steps:

  1. First of all, take these values in your mind. 
    • Part value (The numerator in a Fraction)
    • Whole value ( The denominator in a Fraction)
  2. Then type the Part Value in Calculator.
  3. Press "/" or "÷" symbol on your Calculator.
  4. Then type Whole Value in Calculator.
  5. Press "*" or "×" on your Calculator.
  6. Then type 100 in Calculator.
  7. Press "=" on your Calculator.
  8. Get your result from the Calculator.

Try this method now in this Calculator with this formula "Percentage = (Part / Whole) * 100":

Solution is

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In percentage calculation, three terms are "part", "whole" and "percentage". In the above example of toffies, 200 is the part, 743 is the whole, and 26.91 is the percentage. Here above we have learned to calculate percentage when we have the "Part Value" and the "Whole Value". We just calculated the simple percentage. But what if the "percentage" and "whole value" is given to us and we have to find "part value". Or what if we have the "part value" and the "percentage" and we need to calculate the "whole value".

For all these queries there are different formulae. In the world of Mathematics, working with percentages normally means that one of those terms is missing and you have to find it. If the question is "What percentage of 60 is 20?" you have the part value (20) and the whole value (60), so the missing term is the percentage that you need to find. When the question is "What is 50 percent of 80?" you have the percentage (50) and the whole value (80), so the omitting term is the "part value". Or if the question is "50 is 20 percent of what?" then you need to find the "whole value".

When the missing term is the Percentage?

Divide the part by the whole (part/whole) using your calculator then multiply it by cent (100). For example (50 ÷ 100)*100. If your calculator has a percentage button, press it to get the percentage instead of multiplying with 100.

When the missing term is the Part?

If Part is missing then you need to use a calculator to multiply the whole by the percentage (whole*percentage) to get the part as answer. When you have an advanced calculator with a percentage button, the calculation is as follows in the example: 80 x 75% = 60. If you have a basic calculator that does not have a percentage button, you need to first divide the percentage by 100 like this: 75 ÷ 100 = 0.75. Then you can multiply this answer by the whole to get the part: 0.75 x 80 = 60.

When the missing term is the Whole?

In this situation, divide the part by the percentage (part/percentage) to solve the answer. With the percentage button in your calculator, the calculation is as follows in this example: 20 ÷ 50% = 40. If there is no percentage button in your calculator, you have to divide the percentage by 100 before performing the calculation: 50 ÷ 100 = 0.50. Then divide the part by this answer to find the whole: 20 ÷ 0.50 = 40.

So, we think you will understand this and never make mistakes in calculating percentages. For any queries feel free to comment below, we will surely reply to all your questions.

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