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How to Start a Vlog | Start your Vlog on YouTube

How to Start a Vlog? Do you want to Start your Vlog on YouTube? If yes, then this post is for you.
Vlogging on youtube is a very famous way of creating interesting and entertaining videos. Public on youtube loves to watch the behind camera scenes of famous YouTubers and celebrities.

But if we see this in a different way then you can become a famous YouTuber and celeb by starting a vlog. So here we have some quick tips for you to start a vlog.

Well, you have just found an excellent website. We have collected every single step of how to start a vlog on youtube or on any social platform in our guide. This guide is covering everything so that you too become a vlogger.

Easy Steps to How to Start a Vlog

How to Start a Vlog | Start your Vlog on YouTube
How to Start a Vlog

Step 1: Buy Good Vlogging Camera

Yes, for starting a vlog you have to start with a good vlogging camera. So, that you can attract your viewers with your high definitions videos on your vlog. Public on youtube always want videos in high resolution. They never love videos with low quality even when content is good. Hence, it is very necessary to start making your videos in high definition. This will give you a boost in your channel's popularity and standards.

Good Vlogging Camera

Vlogging camera doesn't mean a camera from outside the earth or some magic thing. Vlogging camera means any camera with the quality of making high-resolution videos. Even your smartphone will work as a vlogging camera if it records high definition videos.
Initially, we will suggest you, start with a device such as a smartphone, tablet or the webcam of your lappy. Then according to the results, of your videos, you can also go for a complete setup for vlogging that big vloggers use.

Again, we are recommending you to start with even that much good camera so that people will enjoy at least 720p HD resolution videos. You will also don’t enjoy watching videos with bad quality, so thinks how your future subscribers love that.
By purchasing a great vlogging camera you will be able to record:

  • high definition videos
  • good audio quality

You know most of the cameras have built-in image stabilization feature so that vlogs will be recorded higher quality in general. You can find perfect vlogging cameras according to your needs and budget.
You can also buy a camera of Amazon from here.

Once you have the perfect vlogging camera you should go for the right microphone, editing software, laptop or pc, tripod (camera stand) or lighting setup but don’t disturb yourself about any of these till you get famous on youtube.

Step 2: Create a Channel on YouTube

It is obvious that you have to make a youtube channel for publishing videos there. Now as you are ready with your good vlogging camera and other accessories you can start your own youtube channel.
Youtube is a google's product and Youtube is also the most successful platform for vloggers. So, we advise you to make an account there to start filming and publishing your videos there.
We are recommending this platform because it is the most popular platform. But if you want to join some other platform you can join for sure.

Step 3: Create or record a Vlog

Create or record a Vlog
Create or record a Vlog

Now, the most important for vlogging is to film a vlog. Till now, you have a camera for shooting and a channel for publishing vlogs. The third thing you have to do is to record a vlog.
But before recording, you should have an idea in your mind for recording a vlog. You can create vlogs on any topic like on your daily routine, your hobbies, anything in your mind, some challenges or anything interesting.

Some tips for your first vlog:

  1. Many people think that vlogging is a serious game but it is actually not. If you are recording your first vlog then Don’t overthink about it and stay relaxed. Do not plan too much for your video. Just press the button of your camera and start recording, speak whatever is on your mind in a flow. Not, so slow or not so fast, being natural is a good thing for vlogging.
  2. You should take care of Good lighting and Audio quality while recording. But if you have already purchased a good quality vlogging camera then there will not such issue of lighting and audio quality. 
  3. You have to speak openly and clearly and try to don't leave any long silence gap in your vlogs. If you leave long silence in any portion of your video then visitors may get bored. 
  4. Communicate with your audience, in vlogging your communication energises your video. Without communication, you cannot make perfect and interesting videos. Communication is a tool by which you can connect yourself with your viewers at a personal level.
  5. You have to engage with your viewers by asking their suggestions, in the comment section, you can tell them to like and share your vlog. And the most important thing is that you have to ask them for subscribing to your channel so that they will be able to receive notifications of your future videos.

Step 4: Edit Your Vlog with Editing Software

This is a very important step to follow these days. Because there is a lot of competition in this field. Vloggers are using smart gadgets to record their high-quality videos. And then they are also making their videos super cool by editing. However, more editing to the vlog videos is not appreciable. Because it is a way of expressing real-life and real-life should be without editing.

But here editing means to cut the extra portions of your videos or to add the scattered clips together in a single video of your whole vlog.

To make your vlog more interesting and professional you should go for editing. Because people don't want to get bored in any video, so it is very necessary to cut out all the silence portion of your video. You should use proper transitions for joining all the video clips together so that viewers do not feel a sudden change in the environment of video.
In short, you have to learn little of video editing or you can hire someone for doing so for you. If you want more information on video editing, comment us below and we will definitely create an article for you explaining all your queries.

Step 5: Upload Your Vlog to your YouTube Channel 

Once your vlog is edited properly you can upload it to youtube. For uploading your vlog on youtube you have to go on your channel's dashboard. There you will find an upload button in the top right corner of websites interface.
While uploading you will be asked by youtube to fill the necessary fields like Tittle, Description, and Tags. These fields are necessary to be filled properly because this will help people in finding your vlog online.

Step 6: Promote Your Videos on other social media platforms

Now when your vlog is live on youtube for all, this is a time to share and promote your vlog on other social media platforms. This will help you in getting more views on your channel.
You can share your vlogs for promotion on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social platforms you’re active on.

Step 7: Keep Vlogging

It may be possible that your vlog will not get even 1000 views for the first time. But don't bother at the time, and keep making vlogs for your viewers. You also have to follow a schedule of uploading vlogs on your channel, and you have to take care of your schedule at any cost.

According to us, you should keep connecting with other vloggers, bloggers and people on social media they may do some promotions for you on their platform. This is a very effective way to grow a lot faster.

Negative comments

When your vlog will start gaining traffic and viewers then you also have to face negative comments on your vlogs. But you don't have to worry, and keep vlogging.
You have to just focus on positive comments so that you will get more motivation. When someone comments negatively on your channel, this means he is not happy with your promotion. So, Keep going towards your dream, and leave the negativity behind.

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Step 8: Monetize your channel

It is too good to have a monetization feature on youtube. This feature let you make money with your hobby. Your hobby is making vlogs, so you can also make money with your this hobby. After 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers on your vlog channel, you will be able to monetize your channel for making money.
When you will enable the monetisation on your channel, then you will get ads before and in between your videos, and when these ads will be clicked by your viewers you will get money in dollars.
But make sure to not to use any copyrighted content in your videos, otherwise, you will not be able to monetise your channel.

Start your channel for vlogging now and start earning from your hobby of vlogging. For support always contact to us. We will solve and clear all your queries if you ask them, in the comment section or in the contact form. We will also promote your vlog on our website, so for that also you can contact us here.

Good luck!

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