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How to change Gmail password in PC, Mobile, Everywhere

It is very necessary to change Gmail password at different time intervals according to your safety. In fact, it is necessary for all type of passwords that you use anywhere. If you think you are with such id that is very important and anyone can misuse it, then you should create a very high-security password. But you also have to change that at different time intervals.

How to Change Gmail Password

Here in this article, we have a guide to change Gmail Password. You can follow these steps for changing the password of your Gmail.

Step 1. Open  your Gmail Account

Open your Gmail account and click on your google account profile picture.

How to change Gmail account password in pc
Open  your Gmail Account

Step 2. Click on Google Account

Click on "Google Account" option this will redirect you to a new google account's page.

How to change Gmail password in computer
Click on Google Account

Step 3. Open Security Options

When you visit google account's page then you will see "Security" written on the left side of screen. Find and click there.

How to change my Gmail password on pc
Open Security Options

Step 4. Click on the "Password" option in "Sign in to google" section.

On Security, page Scroll down and find password option. Click There. When you click you will be redirected for re-verification from google that it's you or not.

How to change Gmail password using pc
Click on the "Password" option in "Sign in to google" section.

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Step 5. Verify yourself for changing Password

Enter your Password for verification. This step is important, you cannot skip this step. After entering your password click on Next Option.

how to reset gmail password in pc
Verify yourself for changing Password

Step 6. Enter your New Password

Enter your new password and confirm the same in the second field.

How to change Gmail password in mobile
Enter your New Password

Step 7. Click Change Password

At last, you have to click on the "Change Password" option. This will be the last step for changing the password.

How to change Gmail password in PC
Click Change Password

If you follow all these easy steps correctly then your password will be changed. Hope you loved the post and feel free to share your views and queries in our comment section.

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