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Purani Haveli | पुरानी हवेली | Nazarbattu

Purani Haveli (पुरानी हवेली), a new video by Nazar Battu Production is getting millions of views. If you are Indian or you are good in Hindi then you can watch and enjoy this video.

Video  Purani Haveli || पुरानी हवेली || Nazarbattu
Date Published Sep 2, 2019
Description Purani Haveli is a comedy video with some horror mixed in video plot.

Purani Haveli | पुरानी हवेली | Nazarbattu
Purani Haveli | पुरानी हवेली | Nazarbattu

Video Plot

Leelu Raseelu came to know about their another property, a Haveli where their dada- dadi used to spent their private time.  

But this Haveli has a traggic past,  three sevents died here  due to an electric shock and since then their ghosts still haunts here. Leelu Raseelu being unaware of these ghosts came to visit Haveli for the first time and falls into their trap.

Watch the video to know how they saved themselves and fooled the ghosts.

Team- Nazar Battu (Purani Haveli)

  1. Directed by - Gyanendra Maurya
  2. Project Head -  Harsh Gautam, Ameen Khan
  3. Edited by –  Gyanendra Maurya /Harsh Gautam/Ameen Khan/ Sarfaraz
  4. Background Score - Ameen Khan
  5. Associate Director – Yash Vardhan Singh
  6. Written by – Gyanendra Maurya/ Dinesh Singh / Yash vardhan
  7. DOP –  Priyanshu Vats
  8. Asst.Dop - Muzammil Hayaat
  9. Art Director – Muzammil Hayaat
  10. Production Head– Himanshu Sharma
  11. Color grading - Sarfaraz Zuber
  12. Production Manager – Sunny Sharma (pandat), 
  13. Productions Asst. Shreya  Asrani, Rahul 
  14. Thumbnail Design -Muzammil Hayaat
  15. Make-up - Rajesh
  16. Line Producer- Sonu Bajrangi


  • Pawan Yadav 
  • Dinesh Singh 
  • Sunny Sharma
  • Mushkan Varshney
  • Shivam Bajpai
  • Yash Vardhan Singh

Other Details

Location: Rausha Haveli, Village Sarakpur , Greater Noida.

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