How to delete Facebook Account Permanently?

If you want to delete your Facebook account then you can delete it from going through this post. But hey, listen, Do you really want to delete your account. Facebook is a good platform for sharing news, post and etc. to your friends and public. But we can not force you, you can delete your account if you have an unused one or you are getting distracted with that in your work. But we recommend you to deactivate facebook account if you have issues with it for a small interval of time.

How to delete Facebook Account Permanently?

Guys, Deleting Facebook Account is that much simple like that's you open the cap of a sipper. Here we have easy steps to delete a Facebook account. To delete Facebook account follow these methods:

How to delete Facebook Account Permanently? Steps and Process
Delete Facebook Account 

Step 1: Open Facebook on your device(Mobile, Laptop, PC, etc.)
Step 2: Login to your Facebook account.
Step 3: Open Settings there.
Step 4: Go to general settings and click "Your Facebook Information".
Step 5: Then click on "View" written ahead of "Delete your account and information".
Step 7: You will find options to Deactivate, Download info, Delete Account etc.
Step 8: But to delete Click on Delete Account Button.
Step 9: Enter your Password and confirm.
Step 10: Then your facebook account will be deleted after the next 30 days. You can go through this video for more details:

Note: You can easily reactivate your account within the next 30 days of deletion. After that, it will be permanently deleted from Facebook. Also, Visit: Free Advertisement with InfoCompile | Free Business Advertisement