Shortest Quotes on Smile (20+) – Exclusive Collection | Short Quotes on Smile for Instagram

Shortest Quotes on Smile | Short Quotes on Smile for Instagram

See what we have collected for you β€” “Shortest Quotes on Smile”. I love reading quotes and using short quotes on smile for Instagram, in chats, conversation, creatives etc. But it is tough to remember lengthy quotes and sometimes we really need small, short and clear quotes. This is why I have collected the shortest quotes on smiles that you would love to read.

Shortest Quotes on Smile (Exclusive Collection)

This collection has quotes from personalities like Mother Teresa, Sasha Azevedo, Mark Twain etc. Use these Short quotes on smile for Instagram, or for anything else. Let’s read some on them…

Short Quotes on Smile for Instagram

β€œPeace begins with a 😊 smile.”

– Mother Teresa

“I love those who can 😊 smile in trouble.”

– Leonardo da Vinci

β€œπŸ˜Š Smile, it’s free therapy.”

– Douglas Horton

“Teeth aren’t pearly, until you 😊 smile.”

– Anthony Liccione

“Everyone 😊 smiles in the same language.”

– George Carlin

“Look back, and 😊 smile on perils past.”

– Walter Scott

“I can sing and dance. I can 😊 smile – a lot.”

– Chris Colfer

“Never regret anything that made you 😊 smile.”

– Mark Twain

β€œA 😊 smile is the universal welcome.”

– Max Eastman

“😊 Smile! It increases your face value.”

– Robert Harling

“😊 Smile at the obstacle, for it is a bridge.”

– Medusa

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β€œBeauty is power; a 😊 smile is its sword.”

– John Ray

“A 😊 smile is a friend maker.”

– Bangambiki Habyarimana

β€œYou don’t have to be happy to 😊 smile.”

– Daniel Willey

“A 😊 smile cures the wounding of a frown.”

– William Shakespeare

“😊 Smile. Be open and welcoming.”

– Ephraim Buchwald

“A 😊 smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”

– Phyllis Diller

“Everywhere you go, take a 😊 smile with you.”

– Sasha Asevedo

β€œColors are the 😊 smiles of nature.”

– Leigh Hunt

“The source of a true 😊 smile is an awakened mind.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

“Her 😊 smile, I’m sure, burnt Rome to the ground.”

– Mark Z. Danielewski

“The living should 😊 smile, for the dead cannot.”

– George R.R. Martin

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