How to Filter Youtube Videos? | Advanced search

Sometimes it becomes really silly to find a video in the search results because we can’t find that by even after scrolling and scrolling for 1, 2 or for more minutes. So, as a solution to this problem, I am going to tell you about Video filtering options on youtube. How to filter youtube videos?

How to Filter Youtube Videos | Different Options

You can filter videos on youtube by following ways:

    • Last hour
    • Today
    • This week
    • This month
    • This year
  2. TYPE
    • Video
    • Channel
    • Playlist
    • Movie
    • Show
    • Short (< 4 minutes)
    • Long (> 20 minutes)
    • Live
    • 4K
    • HD
    • Subtitles/CC
    • Creative Commons
    • 360°
    • VR180
    • 3D
    • HDR
    • Location
    • Purchased
  5. SORT BY
    • Relevance
    • Upload date
    • View count
    • Rating
After watching these options of filtering youtube content I think you are excited to discover that where you will found these in the youtube.

How do you put filters on your YouTube videos?

You can put one or more filters together from the list that I have given above in this post. To do so you have to visit There you will see a search box. Click and type there your query to get search results. When you click on the search button you will get your results on your device screen as shown in the figure given below.
How to Filter Youtube Videos
Youtube Search Result Page
When your results are on your screen you can see a “filter” option in the top-left of the screen. You have to click there to find all filtering options on the screen. Then select your filtering option and get filtered search results.  Also Visit: How to Download Youtube Videos On any Device

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