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100 Easy Animal riddles – 100 Kids Riddles Collection

To be more elegant, he does not wear a glove or a jacket, he only changes in an instant for an "efe" the "ge".
Gnawing is my job, cheese is my snack, and the cat has always been my most feared enemy.
Jump and jump, and the tail is missing.
What is the animal that eats with its legs?
I fly at night, I sleep during the day and you will never see feathers on my wing.
What is the animal that walks with its legs on its head?
When it swims in the rivers it looks like a floating log, but if it shows its teeth everyone runs away instantly.
My long legs, my long beak, I make my home in the steeple.
I speak and I do not think, I cry and I do not feel, I laugh without reason and lie without intention.
He wears a white vest, and also a black tailcoat, he is a bird that does not fly, but nothing. What will it be?
This is an animal, in such an original way that when it is turned face up, it is no longer called the same.
I have eight legs loaded with suction cups and I walk on the rocks rocking in the waves. Who I am?
If there is a race at sea, who is the last to arrive?
Wings of a thousand colors and they are lost among the flowers.
Guess guess, I'm a great singer in the mornings .
It hums that hums you, they come and go without rest, from flower to flower bustling around and sweetening our lives.
How many hands the sea gave this strange passenger, who want to hire him to play as an archer!
There was a "lao" cow, then it turned out "pescao".
Although I am not a florist, I work with flowers and the man enjoys the fruit of my labors.
Who is this that comes closer bringing his house upstairs?
Guess who I am: when I go it seems that I come and when I come it is that I am leaving.
For thousands of years, we have transported man; now he takes us hidden in the engine of his car.
Go out to the country at night, if you want to know me, I am a man with big eyes, a serious face and great knowledge.
She is the queen of the seas, her teeth are very good, and because she is never empty, they always say that she is full.
I do not look like it and I am a fish, and my shape is reflected by a chess piece.
About the cow, the "o", you don't get it right, no.
Who in the branches dwells and there hides all that he steals?
What is the animal that has a chair and cannot sit down?
From cell to cell I go but I am not imprisoned.
High lives, high mora, high weaves, the weaver.
They say that Aunt Cuca, crawls with a bad streak. Who is that girl?
Long ears, short tail. I run and jump very lightly.
I am a very elegant man and an excellent swimmer, and I can make question marks with my neck.
I nest in the towers, I have a long neck and every year I come to San Blas.
I carry my house on my back, behind me I leave a path, I am slow to move, and the gardener does not like me.
This curious animal begins with the name of a dog , which although it never buys anything, it always goes with the bag.
I have two clamps, backwards a path, from the sea or from the river, in the living water.
He weaves with skill, hunts with fury.
The cage is his house, his yellow clothing, and with his song, he makes all the neighbors happy.
Ruminant mammal with elongated neck , wandering in the desert, always hunched over.
It is not a bed, nor is it a lion and it disappears into any corner.
Where nobody climbs, I climb, where nobody walks, trisco, I am very little in the valley, because my thing is the cliffs.
Slowly they say that it is because only the head, the legs and the feet stick out.
It is that the poor man sees so little that he does not look anymore, he bumps that he bumps that he bumps, with the bump you will find him.
Jump and jump through the mountains, use your back legs, I have already told you his name, look at it and you will see it.
I am a small animal, think about my name for a while, because by adding an "n" you will have my name on the spot.
With a long and thin neck, it walks very happily, only if you were a mosquito would you see its nose.
What is the animal that is twice an animal?
Claw but does not kill, paw but not cow.
Sing when the sun rises and sing again when the day disappears.
Everything is in front of him, the fangs for the fight and the trunk for the shower.
I give you milk and my wool, and to speak I say: "beeeee", if you do not guess my name I will never tell you.
Looking for bamboo in China he walks, although he is very lonely, he always goes in a panda.
He carries the five vowels in his name, and not being a bird at night he flies.
A single doorman, a single tenant, you take your round house with you.
If you ask my name, my initial is on a glove and my second letter, it is always on the move. The third and fourth will be found in total. I am the smartest and most handsome… but the least cordial.
From the front I look at the sun without being blind, higher flight than any bird, I am a symbol of empires and kings and two heads sometimes draw me. Who I am?
The dog runs behind me , I go after the mice, I like to eat fish, and lie down on the chairs. Who I am?
His father neighs in a lousy voice, his mother brays and kicks.
With its trunk ready , it buzzes by your side, it lands on your bare skin and your blood sucks.
Chiquitín and a dancer, he spends his nights hanging around with a lance and with a cornet.
I am small and elongated, in two shells placed, as I cannot swim, I stick to the rocks of the sea.
Flying in the air, and kissing the flowers, he spends his life, of light and colors.
If I ask you what this big bug is called, I've already told you.
It has green light bulbs and when it is night, it turns them on.
I am a friend of the moon, I am an enemy of the sun; If daylight comes, I raise my light and go.
I have wings and a beak, and I talk and talk, not knowing what I'm saying.
Green as the field, it is not the field, it speaks like the man, it is not the man.
From brown ground I come, stretching and shrinking, hold my chickens for me, I am not afraid of dogs.
First cousin of the rabbit, although with a higher back, it dominates running and jumping well.
I read my name , my last name is brown, who does not guess, it is a bit late.
If you write to me like it is, I am from the jungle, the king, if you write to me the other way around, I will be Santa Claus.
Emerald green on the wall, long tailed tail, stretched leg, run that runs you, salty girl.
In black and in procession, guess who they are.
A thousand ladies on a path without dust or whirlpool.
Loaded they go, loaded they come, and on the way they do not stop.
I come from China, in Murcia I live, like mulberry, I manufacture silk.
Although I am not a bird, I sing without any penalty and when I am used in the plural I represent condemnation.
We travelers are dressed in black, under the tiles we make nests.
With spring, the traveler arrives. Its nest is made of clay and its tail is made of scissors.
With his morning laugh the whole beach is upset, fisherwoman and sailor.
That's not how I am, that's how I wasn't, that's how I won't be until the end.
I am a very elegant animal, very fast and not very fierce; and when I want to put on shoes I go to the blacksmith's house.
Before little egg, then little cocoon, later I will fly like a bird.
Good swimmer without being a fish, it has feathers and has a beak, long neck, short legs, guess it! I say to you.
My body full of spikes scares my enemies, and if someone threatens me I become a ball.
I am an animal with a trade, I pick the tree without stopping, if you know who I am, you must tell me now.
They have made me a bad name, because clay is my element. Some of my brothers have coins inside.
Nobody admires your singing, not your legs, not your beak. Everyone falls in love with your splendid fan.
Sometimes I am a messenger and symbol of peace; in parks and gardens you can also find me.
Emerald green on the brick wall, long-tailed tail, for stretched out, run that runs you, salty girl.
I have an animal's name, when the tire is punctured, you have to use me.
I have the king's head, I wear a blued spur, I have a red beard, my early sleep begins and I get up early at dawn.
Bird that runs and does not fly, and when it is in danger, it soon hides its head.
They say that I am a fool because I am always injured, but you do not believe it although sometimes I am tamed.
It runs faster than a horse and has feathers of a great rooster.
When he speaks he imitates and inside his mouth, they say he has a nugget.
He is not an arachnid and a spider, he is not a man but he has a mustache, he does not pay attention to anyone, even if he gives him a nickname.
No matter how loud it sounds, the mucus hangs down.
Often I have always been; and I run more than light, because the cat chases me, with its paws, treacherous.
Of very gallant colors, I am brute and I do not look like it, I suffer perpetual prison, I use human language, although I lack reason.
I have huge eyes, which I close during the day and open them at night, when exercising my aim.
In the sea is where I live, silver is my color, I cross fast as lightning, guess who I am.
It has a tiny snout, it is fished in the river, it has colorful spots and it is very fine food.
Sharp snout, great swimmer and bathers, devourer.
Now green, now brown, I am a bed, but do not lie down because I am also a lion.
Murcia gives me half a name, a letter you have to change, and when you get to the lake, you will complete my name.
My initial is in ogre, but I'm not violent, the V for victory is my second letter, and I'm the best friend of cool people.
It's cold, it's hot, always with a duvet.
Cotton fist, which jumps without rhyme or reason .
A splendid fan that does not cause fear, its wings, feathers and beak are real, yes sir.
I am a reckless being, who is very little scared; The things that are worth a lot, they compare them with my mucus.
My mother built a house for me, without doors and without windows, and when I want to go out, I break the wall first.
If you leave the beach behind, she keeps you at bay.
Which animal takes the longest to take off its shoes?
I have hiccups saying my name, who am I?

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