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[ The clever Monkey, Pig and Donkey ] – Kids Stories

The story tells that a lion and a lioness lived together in a cave. He was the king of the animals and she was the queen. In addition to working side by side to bring peace and order among the animals, they were married and got along very well.

One day, after several years of love and coexistence, the lion changed his mind.

– I’m sorry, dear wife, but I no longer want to live with you.

The lioness was not expecting it and became very sad.

– But why? Do not you love me anymore?

The lion was very sincere with her.

– Yes, I love you, but I’m leaving you because you stink and I can’t stand that smell that you give off and that stifles the whole cave.

The poor thing was very upset and of course, felt very offended.

– What do I stink? … That’s a lie! I wash every day and take care of my hygiene to be always clean and have shiny hair. You say so because you have fallen in love with another lioness and you want to go live with her!

The fight was served! The couple began to argue heatedly and neither gave their arm to twist. After two hours the lioness, tired of quarrelling, said to her husband:

– As we do not agree, I propose that we call three animals and that they think if it is true that I smell bad or is it a lie of yours.

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– Agree! Is it okay for you to warn the donkey, the pig and the Monkey?

– For me there is no problem!

A few minutes later the three animals chosen at random appeared in the cave obeying the royal command. The lion, with great pomposity, explained the reason for the improvised assembly.

– Thank you for coming to our call so quickly! We have gathered you here because we need your honest opinion. The queen and I have got into a very unpleasant argument and we need you to decide who is telling the truth.

The donkey, the pig and the Monkey did not blink. What should they decide? They were extremely intrigued waiting for the lion to tell them!

– I want you to approach my wife and say if it smells good or it smells bad. That is all.

The three animals looked at each other in fear, but since it was an order from the kings, draining the bundle was not an option.

Someone had to be the first and it was the donkey’s turn. Quite scared, he took a few steps forward and put his snout around the lioness’s neck.

– Poof! What a horror, ma’am, you smell a lot!

The lioness was insulted and lost her temper.

– How dare you speak to your queen like that ?! … From now on you are expelled from these territories! Go away and never come back here again!

The donkey paid dearly for his answer and went with his tail between his legs in search of a new place to live.

The pig, seeing what had just happened to his partner, thought that he was playing with an advantage but that he still had to calibrate very well what he should respond to. He approached the lioness, sniffed her carefully, and so that the same thing as the donkey would not happen to her, he said:

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– Well, I find it a pleasure to approach you because it gives off a divine aroma!

This time it was the lion who went into a rage.

– Are you saying that I am the one who lies ?! … You should be ashamed to contradict your king! Get out of this kingdom forever! Get out of my sight!

The pig, who thought he had everything to win, failed miserably. Like the donkey, he had to go into exile to distant lands.

Only the Monkey remained! Imagine the dilemma that the unfortunate animal had at that moment while waiting its turn. If he said the same as the donkey, the queen would be angry; If he said the opposite like the pig, the king would give him the scolding. What a horrible situation! He had to come up with something clever as soon as possible or his fate would be the same as his colleagues’.

Still, as if petrified, he heard the voice of the lion king.

– Zorro, it’s your turn. Approach the queen and give us your verdict.

The little Monkey had a hard time moving because his whole body was shaking. Swallowing, he went to where the lioness was and with great respect, he sniffed her. Then he broke away and went back to his place.

The king burned to hear him.

– And good? You have us on edge! Say what you have to say.

The Monkey, trying to appear calm, pretended to have a little cough and said in a broken voice:

– Your Majesties, I’m sorry I can’t help you, but it doesn’t smell good or bad to me because I’m constipated.

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The lion and the lioness looked at each other in surprise and had to admit that they could not punish the Monkey because his reply did not offend or leave either of them a liar.

The lion king spoke up.

– Okay, we get it. You can go home.

No one knows how the story ended, or who was right, or if the couple finally reached a separation agreement. What everyone does know is that the intelligent little Monkey managed to escape the punishment of the kings thanks to his funny occurrence.

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