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[ The terrified dog Mr Kutta Ji ] – Kids Stories

Once upon a time, there was a dog named “Mr. Kutta Ji” who lived in a big city in India. It had no owner and was dedicated to wandering the streets sniffing all the corners, almost always looking for something to eat.

His life was so lonely that he used to turn to his imagination to get an idea of ​​how things were, how the world worked. It can be said that Mr. Kutta Ji spent the day guessing about this, the other, and the afterlife.

For example, if a woman threw leftover broth onto the public highway, he would think:

– ‘Oh, how generous is that woman! He must have seen me, he has realized that I am hungry, and he has very kindly thrown the bones for me to gobble them up. ‘

Or if a kid threw a stick in the air, he would smile and say to himself:

– ‘What a nice boy! He throws it away because he knows that dogs love to fetch sticks and balls. I am convinced that what he wants is to play with me and that if he could he would adopt me. ‘

Mr. Kutta Ji saw life in his own way, from his particular point of view, and he was happy.


One day he passed in front of a gate that served to delimit a beautiful garden. Coincidentally, the front gate was wide open.

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– Oh, what a nice place! … And it doesn’t seem dangerous! I’ll take a little walk to see what I find.

Mr. Kutta Ji entered and paced as leisurely, as if he were the lord of the property, among towering trees and exotic flowers. Finally, after a long journey, he came to a pond full of little bluefish. Faced with such an enchanting vision, he began, as always, to fantasize.

– Oh, what a beauty! This must be heaven on earth because everything in this place is wonderful. I bet tonight’s dinner that a prince lives here.

He rounded the pond, crossed a grove of trees, and before his eyes appeared an incredible marble palace, crowned by a golden dome that gleamed in the sun.

– Ma … ma … oh my, what a great case!

After the initial shock, Mr. Kutta Ji had no time to resume his mania of drawing conclusions from everything.

– But where am I?!… This place is amazing! It is clear that the owner is someone very intelligent because to get this mansion you have to be smart and know how to earn a lot of money.

I have never seen anything so beautiful. Fascinated, he continued to speculate.

– What is very clear is that he is an elegant person, handsome, of exquisite taste. You are sure to wear the best silks in the country and adore jewellery!

Mr. Kutta Ji was dying to go inside, so letting her four skinny legs carry her, she planted herself on the impressive front steps. He did not see anyone and kept guessing who would be the lucky owner of that fabulous house.

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– There is no doubt that whoever lives here is a very happy person. It is impossible to be unhappy when you have so much!… Yes, it is sure that your life is wonderful.

Mr. Kutta Ji craned his neck and tiptoed up the steps, acting like he was a distinguished guy attending a gala ball. Upon reaching the top, he was surprised.

– Come on, but this door is also open!

He raised his ears and only heard the song of the birds.

– I’m going to investigate, but I will do it very quickly lest someone appear by surprise and get me in a big trouble!

Mr. Kutta Ji sped past and appeared in a huge room whose walls were covered from top to bottom by many different mirrors. The poor man had never seen any and did not know what they were, so when he entered he found a lot of dogs running in the opposite direction … towards where he was! His reaction was to show their fangs to instil fear in his enemies, but at that very moment, all the hounds raised their muzzles and also showed their teeth.

Mr. Kutta Ji was so terrified that he froze, in the centre of the room, without even blinking. In the midst of panic, it occurred to him to growl, clenching his jaws tightly; the answer was that immediately all the dogs tensed their faces and growled at him. He was literally surrounded!

– This is the end … I have no escape! … Or do I?

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He moved his pupils and could see that the door was a short distance away. Without stopping to think or looking back he shot out and appeared in the sunny garden. Once there he ran and ran for at least a hundred meters until he realized that no one was following him. Then he came to a halt, turned to the front of the lavish palace, and once again began to ponder.

– Oh, how strange! … There were at least thirty dogs and none have chased me. That’s because deep down they are so cowards that they don’t dare to go outside!

Mr. Kutta Ji sat on the grass for a while to catch her breath and lower her heartbeat. When he was calmer, he got up and started back, fully convinced that the dogs he had seen in the palace hall really existed. A pity, because if he had realized his mistake, he would have learned something very important: that the imagination can play tricks on us and that we cannot spend the day talking about what we do not know for the simple reason that things do not always they are what they seem.

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