What is QWERTY? – Meaning, Definition and more

QWERTY is called the top most common keyboard layout used globally. The name by which it is known is actually taken from the first six letters of the upper left row.

What is QWERTY? ( Meaning of QWERTY | Definition of QWERTY )
QWERTY- See the First 6 letters.

What is QWERTY? ( Meaning of QWERTY | Definition of QWERTY )

Christopher Sholes is the personality who is behind the QWERTY layout. The layout was planned and successfully designed in 1868. He was the person who noted that the typewriters of that period, designed according to an alphabetical layout, were cumbersome and had mechanical problems.

In this sense, Sholes optimized his layout by dividing the letters according to their frequency of use to the left or right to make a better balance between the letters that were on the left and on the right side. The layout is designed such that both hands could be used to write.

QWERTY then came as a layout making typing work more fluid and consequently more productive. This design was sold to Remington in 1973 and is still the most popular in the world today.

The QWERTY keyboard layout has proven so helpful, useful and practical that subsequent technological advances have maintained its use. Thus, the Informatics adapted the keyboards of their computers to the same distribution, in the same way as it has been happening with smartphones, which either physically incorporate it into the device, or have a QWERTY distribution touch keyboard system.

On the other hand, there are other types of distributions, such as the QWERTZ, used in countries such as Germany, Austria or Switzerland, or the AZERTY distribution, typical of Belgium and France.

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