10 Deadliest Warriors In History

TOP 10  DEADLIEST WARRIORS IN HISTORY… Since the beginning of our history, great events have occurred leaving a great mark on humanity; an endless number of warriors and soldiers who have survived countless wars and struggles to deaths that occurred every day in those times, whether fighting for a king, for territory, or for their own honour or freedom.

The 10 Deadliest Warriors In History

Let’s talk about the fighting styles and personalities that led these warriors or armies to glory and to mark a before and after.


The 10 deadliest warriors in history
Persian Immortals

They belonged to the Persian elite troop of the Achaemenid dynasty. They received the nickname ‘Immortal‘ since they were always made up of the same number of members: 10,000, giving the impression that they never died. Those 10,000 warriors, who were the best fighters, had to measure at least 1.60 meters, which was a very considerable height at that time. On the battlefields, Immortals were distinguished by their varied weaponry: a bow, a long spear, a knife, and an iron sword. They wore a spectacular cuirass of gold scales and gowns with baskets of golden thread.

That formidable force faced the scarce 7,000 soldiers of the Greek army, to which were added the 300 Spartans who made up the personal guard of King Leonidas. It was these 300 who resisted as heroes the final attack of the Immortals.


Eagle warriors or eagle knights
Eagle Knights

The Eagle warriors or eagle knights were a special class of warriors in the Mexica militia, which together with the Jaguar Warriors or ” ocēlōpipiltin ” primarily comprised the warrior elites of the ancient Aztec Empire. They were the only ones within Aztec warrior society that were not restricted by nobility rights, which even the most common like the macehuales (the lowest class within Aztec society), could be admitted.

The characteristic tactic of the eagle warrior consisted of a rapid and strategic incursion into enemy settlements or camps, in separate groups, from which a contingent of special forces was detached. Depending on the fight, different rewards could be obtained such as a title of nobility, these warriors lived near the Templo Mayor, where they had their barracks and special rooms, it was in this place and in the main enclosure of the Templo Mayor where they received their training. The prisoners they captured were sacrificed to the gods.

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The 10 deadliest warriors in history
Ming Warrior

They were part of the Ming dynasty and were considered innovative and original in the fighting techniques of the time, they achieved quite a few achievements including the construction of the Chinese wall, which was done when the Ming dynasty reigned China to stop the Mongols. Thanks to the loyalty that the Ming warriors had, they led this dynasty to reign for ages.



The Roman centurion is the rank that has received the most attention from scholars of the Roman army. They were officers with a tactical and administrative command, being chosen for their qualities of resistance, temperance, command and cunning. They were made up of 80 men, being the key to great battles, for the glory of the Roman Empire. On the battlefield, the centurion stood at the far right of the front row of his unit, next to the signifer, while the optio stood in the rear, to prevent, if necessary, the rout of the troops. , and guarantee the relays between the lines typical of the closed order used by the Roman army.


Deadliest Warriors

The Vikings raced across the sea ravaging the shores from their “drakkars” (so called because the prows and stern of their ships were adorned with dragon heads). The Vikings, which means “men of the north,” were the last of the barbarian tribes called Germans by the Romans to terrorize Europe. The population was frightened by the Vikings because of their ferocity and cruelty. On the other hand, in addition to being good warriors, the Vikings were skilled craftsmen, sailors, explorers, and merchants.

The Vikings used a way of looting similar to the guerrilla, making use of their fast ships, they reached the European coasts in an unpredictable way and attacked quickly and violently, trying to get the most loot, to retreat as quickly as they arrived, giving way to that strong resistance cannot be made to them, leading to wear. The populations of the coasts of Germany, France and Great Britain lived in terror of falling prey to the incursions of the Vikings.

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Templar warriors of christ

It was one of the most famous Christian military orders of the Middle Ages. Considered the best trained unit and participated in the famous crusades, they grew by leaps and bounds being feared by many kings and ruling for just under two centuries. They had to capture them all and eradicate them because their expansion and power did not stop growing, they consolidated as the largest organization in the West, from the military to the economic, and their reach was such that even the financial techniques they exercised constitute a primitive form of what is known of the modern bank.


Flanders Thirds
Flanders Thirds

They were the most prominent military force in the world in the 16th and 17th centuries. The Tercios were famous for their resistance on the battlefield, forming the elite of the military units available to the kings of Spain of the time. The thirds were the essential piece of the terrestrial hegemony, and sometimes also maritime of the Spanish Empire. From 1920 the regimental-size formations of the Spanish Legion also received that name, a professional unit created to fight in the colonial wars of North Africa, and which was inspired by the military deeds of the historical thirds. The Spanish Legion also has certain similarities with
the Foreign Legion of the French army.



Military group of mercenaries trained primarily for espionage, sabotage and assassination, experts in preparing poisons and lethal posimas, they used a wide range of weapons and explosive devices, such as smoke bombs, swords and ninja stars known as shuriken. Training began at a very young age and temporarily took him away from normal life. They were taught practically no moral ethics, as it could later impose a “mental restraint” on their actions.

The training rooms were dark, with different types of nails along the stone walls. In these walls, the student had to learn to climb. As we have mentioned before, they were true experts in the use of the sword, the bow, horseback riding, jiujutsu, stick combat, points of body balance, and a long etc. One of his favorite weapons was the shuriken. With it, they could empty the eye of their enemy and even kill him, leaving as a clue to the arrival of the authorities, only a coin thrown on the ground. Of course, he did not represent any object of suspicion.

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His training, which was realistic to the extreme, took into account any adverse circumstances that might arise on a real mission. There were certain practitioners who studied the “art of programming.” They were taught that nothing was impossible. Not knowing that one could not be performed, these ninjas proceeded to do it.


Samurai warrior
Samurai warrior

Their name means the one who serves and they were known as the ancient warriors of Japan. Trained in the art of the sword, they had great courage and honor, ruthless in their word and ruthless in hand-to-hand fighting. Samurai were known to live by the code of bushido, which emphasizes loyalty, duty, and honor above all else, even in the face of death. Currently, in Japan the Samurai is considered a very important icon and the key to the country’s history.



Originally from Sparta, it was the main military force of the Spartan state, since the main obligation for every citizen was to become a great soldier and fight for their city. Subjected to military training from childhood, Spartan soldiers were the most disciplined, trained, and feared in ancient Greece. In the moments of greatest apogee of Sparta, between the 6th and 4th centuries BC. C., was commonly accepted in Greece the fact that “a Spartan soldier was worth what several men of any other state”. They were famous and widely recognized for winning countless battles against thousands of soldiers with just an army of hundreds.

The childhood of the Spartans was very hard, they were constantly subjected to tests, with the aim of getting the best soldiers. Newborns, they were meticulously examined, and if they had any malformations they were abandoned or dropped from Mount Taygetos. Healthy children lived up to seven years with their parents. Later, the state took charge of the men, emphasizing freeing them from childhood fears, darkness, loneliness and superstitions. Educators sometimes fought each other in order to study their qualities and individual worth. They made them go hungry and cold, run barefoot through stony places and sleep on reeds that they cut with their hands. Blind obedience was required of them and they were even allowed to steal food, but if discovered they were punished, ranging from biting their thumb to whipping them, not for stealing, but for being caught.

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