Do you know excessive use of keywords, is dangerous for SEO? Here we are going to discuss the negative effects of Keyword Stuffing. This technique of using more keywords in content is called Keyword Stuffing. However, this was highly efficient for multiple websites in the early times. And this practice […]

You may have read various articles on Keyword Stuffing over the internet. No one tells the history of this tactic. The tactic which was famous for getting better rankings in Search Engines. Here we are going to discuss History of Keyword Stuffing. So let’s dive into it… History of Keyword […]

Keyword stuffing is a black hat search engine optimization (SEO) technique i.e considered as webspam. Many webmasters use this technique to gain an unfair rank advantage in search engines. One who uses this technique loads a web page’s noticeable content, meta tags or backlink anchor text with the focus keyword.  […]