Negative effects of Keyword Stuffing | Dangerous for SEO

Do you know excessive use of keywords, is dangerous for SEO? Here we are going to discuss the negative effects of Keyword Stuffing. This technique of using more keywords in content is called Keyword Stuffing. However, this was highly efficient for multiple websites in the early times. And this practice of stuffing keywords helped webmasters for some time. After some time the major search engines saw heavy misuse of this technique to rank higher in search results.

Google has already created and updated its existing search algorithms, to combat and penalize all Black Hat SEO practices. In which keywords stuffing was also highly focused. Goggle made approximately 40-50 changes to its search algorithm every month. Most of which created to combat black hat SEO techniques. And all the tactics that seek to game search engine results.

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Negative effects of Keyword Stuffing

Having less rank on google means, less traffic, less audience, less reach and less revenue. In a world where 34 per cent of people use the internet every day to discover local businesses, this low ranking is a significant loss. No one wants to have bad rankings on google. But now, there is a lot of competition in the market of SEO. So, those are using all the SEO techniques in the right manner will be benefited the most.

There are some very negative effects of keyword stuffing, like:

  • Your website will be ignored by Google
  • It will increase the bounce rate for your websites
  • You will lose your further possible customers
  • The audience will less likely to stick around to your business
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If your audience will see your website is simply spamming by stuffing fake or excessive keywords into Content. And your website is not creating engaging, readable and informative content, they will less likely to stick around to your website.

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The Conclusion is, if you wish to drive traffic and engagement, keyword stuffing hurts the chances of your article to appear in SERPs. The business who still take the chance to use this strategy will also hurt their business’ credibility in the eyes of their customers.

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