Top 10 Videos of Amit Bhadana – 4 Crore + Views

Hey, here I have a list of the top 10 videos of Amit Bhadana. Bhadana fans, make sure to watch and enjoy them now. Read a quick overview of Amit Bhadana top 10 videos and select which video you are going to watch first.

Top 10 Videos of Amit Bhadana

At present, there are 3.9 to 8.3 crore views on the Top 10 Amit Bhadana videos. I am going to list them all in increasing order of video views on youtube. Let’s get into the list…

1. Behan Bhai In A Desi Family

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Views on Youtube: 3,94,58,928+
Likes on Youtube: 13 Lakh+

A Raksha Bandhan Special video by Amit Bhadana:

This special video titled “Behen Bhai In A Desi Family” was released a few days before ‘Raksha Bandhan 2018’. In this video, you can enjoy the lovely relationship of brother and sister. According to Amit Bhadana, “Ladayi Jhagda Gussa Pyaar Sab Milega Video Mein”.

Pinned Comment on this video by Amit Bhadana:

Tu Mera Samman Hain
Tujhse Hi Mere Saare Armaan Hain
Aye Behen, Teri Khushi Ke Liye 100
Janam Bhi Kurbaan Hain ❤️

2. Berozgari

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Views on Youtube: 4,01,45,565+
Likes on Youtube: 8.6 Lakh+

Berozgaro Ke Liye video by Amit Badhana

It is a must-watch video for every Berozgaar. Amit Badhana lovers can watch this video to enjoy a life of a berozgaar. In this video “Amit the most eligible berozgaar” will follow a girl to impress her, everything is going to be very entertaining. If you are one from – Our India’s Berozgaar Team 😁 then this video is going to entertain you a lot.

3. Sarkari Vidyalaya

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Views on Youtube: 4,16,06,834+
Likes on Youtube: 13 Lakh+

Sarkari Vidyalaya aka Govt. School – Amit Bhadana videos

This video was released on Happy new Year 2019. In our list of “Amit Bhadana top 10 videos” this video is something special and relatable to our school life. Amit has used his presentational power to present beautiful days that everyone has spent in Government School. Make sure to watch this once and thank me later.

Pinned Comment on this video by Amit Bhadana:

Sarkari School Ke Bachhe Dil Ke Achhe Par Iss Baar Nahi Kar Paaye Kaam Achhe 😅

4. Office Office (Kahani Har Daftar Ki)

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Views on Youtube: 4,50,37,349+
Likes on Youtube: 13 Lakh+

Kahani Har Daftar Ki by Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana is one of those popular celebs on Youtube who presents the real-life scenario in a proper and funny way. Read this line → “Aao office office khelein aur khel khel mein har employee ko pele :)” — Amit Bhadana’s rhyme in the video’s description.

“Office Office” is exactly the “Kahani Har Daftar Ki”. Every Indian Office man will definitely be going to enjoy all this.

This video is starring Riya Mavi, Lavina Khanchandani, Amit Bhadana, Swagger Sharma, Vikas Bainsla, Kuljeet Singh, Sachin Bhati, Mahesh Gahlot, Avinash Chaudhary, Prashant.

5. Dastaan – E – Dhokha

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Views on Youtube: 5,32,76,814+
Likes on Youtube: 10 Lakh+

Dastaan – E – Dhokha by Amit Bhadana

The list of Amit Bhadana top 10 videos is now following a video that has a love drama in that. In this video, a friend is tricking his friend to impress his friend’s girlfriend. Let’s see what is going to happen in the video. Will the evil friend win the game, or will he get a lesson for not doing so in the future.

6. Desi Vs Others ( Relationship Ki Kahani )

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Views on Youtube: 5,71,49,797+
Likes on Youtube: 10 Lakh+

Relationship Ki Kahani in Desi Style by Amit Bhadana

First of all, scroll the page below to the comment box and tell me what you think about the Desi lifestyle?

I asked so because the video is exactly on the same thing. Basically, this is a comparison video, comparing the normal style with the pure desi style. The video is especially focused on love and relationship. Amit has presented how a normal guy lives in a relationship and how it is completely different from the desi style of living in a relationship.

7. Behan Bhai Ki School Life

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Views on Youtube: 5,97,76,357+
Likes on Youtube: 16 Lakh+

Behan Bhai Ki School Life and Entertainment by Amit Bhadana

Amit has made many videos on the relationship of a Brother and Sister. You can also say Bhai aur Behan ki relationship. This video is also one of them, and id mainly focused on the School Life of a brother and sister together.

You must watch this video once, and I recommend watching this with your siblings.

Pinned Comment on this video by Amit Bhadana:

Pyaara Sa Hain Ye Rishta,
Isi Se Hamari Pehchan Hoti Hain,
Kismat Wale Hote Hain Wo Jinke Ghar Mein Behene Hoti Hain ❤️🙏
Hit Like Button For Behan And Bhai 💕 Pyaar Banaye Rakho 😘

Let’s continue our list of Amit Bhadana top videos 2021…

8. School Ke Wo Din

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Views on Youtube: 6,10,62,701+
Likes on Youtube: 16 Lakh+

School Ke Wo Din by Amit Bhadana

Amit never losses any occasion for making videos. He is damn good at making videos at the right time. And this video was released during board exams in 2018. In the video’s description, Amit wrote, “Boards Chalre Hain, Kuch Time Baad School Bhi Khatam Ho Jaayega, Yeh Video School Ke STUDENTS Ke Liye Dedicated Hain 🙂 Dosto Ko Share Karein”.

You can recall your school days in this video, this is one of my favourite videos from Amit bro.

Pinned Comment on this video by Amit Bhadana:

Zindagi Adhoori Hain In Lamho Ke Bin,
Kaash Koi Lauta De School Ke Din.❤️
Yeh Video Sabhi School Walo Ke Liye😂😊
Khush Raho, Mast Raho 🙏

9. Types Of People in a Bus

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Views on Youtube: 6,18,67,887+
Likes on Youtube: 12 Lakh+

Types Of People in a Bus by Amit Bhadana

Amit mostly writes a very short video description, in this video’s description he wrote, “ALAG ALAG TARAH KE LOG MILTE HAIN HUMEIN BUS MEIN, YEH VIDEO UNI LOGO KE LIYE :)”.

I think you can understand what is going to be in this video, the video is purely dedicated to the Bus Staff and passengers. Enjoy and feel free to play it from the link given below title.

10. Parichay (Official Music Video)

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Views on Youtube: 8,36,29,069+
Likes on Youtube: 45 Lakh+

Parichay the Official Music Video by Amit Bhadana

If you want to know something about Amit’s life you can listen to this song. Amit has invited you all to “Witness the unbelievable life story of Amit Bhadana“. The quoted line is exactly taken from the video’s description written by Amit. This is actually his First Song on youtube. Amit has dedicated this song to his Family, Fans And Team.

Watch it once!

Hope you have enjoyed reading the list of Top 10 Videos of Amit Bhadana, see you again with the next entertaining and informative content. Till then stay tuned…

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