How to Download Youtube Videos On any Device?

How to Download Youtube Videos? Sometimes, we need to download a Youtube video. Maybe there is a video on youtube that is not available anywhere and you have to save it offline and share it with your friend. Then how will you download it on your android phone, mobile, laptop, iPhone, or any other device? Here we have the most straightforward trick to download a YouTube video that you may have never heard before.

How to Download Youtube Videos?

The method to download a youtube video on any device is the “ss method“. Now, What is this ss method? How to download youtube videos using ss? Actually, with this method, you can download youtube videos in two formats WebM and MP4.

Steps for using a free youtube video downloader:

  1. Open any youtube video in any browser.
  2. Click on the URL bar (Address bar).
  3. There you will see a link like this
  4. Now type “ss” before “”. Like this
  5. Open the new edited link.
  6. Now Click on the download option given there. You can also choose the file format from the dropdown menu.

The process is straightforward, but if you are facing any problem at any step you can comment to us below. We will definitely help you. Also Visit: What is gaming? Benefits, Demerits of gaming

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