Pay-Per-Click What is PPC in Digital Marketing?

If you are searching for Pay Per Click (PPC), this is sure that you are a businessman or a newbie in the field of Digital Marketing.  The term Pay-Per-Click is commonly known as PPC.  It is an effective model of advertising in the vast field of Digital Marketing. Here in this model advertisers have to pay a price each time one of their advertisements is clicked on social media platforms. The method of calculating Pay-per-click charges is quite simple. You can do this by dividing the advertising cost by the number of clicks received by an advertisement. The basic formula is given below −

Pay-per-click ($) = Advertising cost (Investment) ÷ Ads clicked (Total Ads clicks)

Basically, PPC is now a trend of buying visits to your site or landing page of any business. Rather than striving to earn each visit organically.

Pay-Per-Click | What is PPC in Digital Marketing? | PPC Advertising

Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising is one of the most trending forms of PPC. If you are an advertiser, you can bid for ad placement in a list of search engine’s sponsored links. These Sponsered links will be shown to the audience who will search for keywords that are related to your business offering.

Let’s take an example,  if you request for the Keyword “Online Tutions”, some ads around two or three might display up on the very top position on the search engine results page. When a specific ad is clicked, a small fee will be received by Search Engine. And that click will redirect that visitor to advertiser’s website. Paying for such clicks is not a deal of loss. In fact, paying a small fee for a click is profitable because the visit worths more than what is spent on it.

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Benefits of PPC Marketing

The main benefit of PPC in digital marketing is that the advertising channels used to operate PPC campaigns. It becomes very easy to create PPC Campaigns with Online Advertising Platforms like Google Adwords. They don’t just compensate the biggest bidders for that ad space, rather they repay with the highest-quality ads. Means the ads that are most trending among the users

  • Ads are rewarded for great performance.
  • The better will be the advertisement, the higher will be the click-through rates (CTR) and lesser will be the costs.
  • Many digital marketers opt for Google AdWords to run effective PPC campaigns. The AdWords platform allows advertisers to create ads that rank on Google’s search engine with desired keywords.

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Factors behind Successful PPC Advertising

How many times your PPC ads appear in top results depends on keywords and match types you select. While a number of factors are responsible for a successful PPC advertising campaign, you can produce a lot of profit by focusing on −

  1. Keyword Relevance − Selecting relevant PPC keywords, tight keyword groups, and decent ad text, is necessary for the perfect PPC campaign.
  2. Landing Page Quality − On the other side, the landing page that is attached to your ad should be well optimised for generating sales. Landing pages with powerful, relevant content, engaging outlook and a clear call-to-action button, increase chances of a sale.
  3. Quality Score − Quality Score is actually Google’s rating of the quality and relevance of the keywords, landing pages, and PPC campaigns. Advertisers with more reliable quality scores get more advertisement clicks at lower costs.
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Advertisers entire PPC campaign is drafted around quality keywords. Refining the PPC Keyword List is a good practice to be the most successful AdWords advertisers with continuous growth.

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PPC advertising offers some unique opportunities

Lastly, PPC advertising offers some unique opportunities to −

  • Build Your Customer Base − Connection with the audience who is actively searching or looking for products and services like yours, and respond to their need by facilitating them with a proposal related to their search query, is a very right tactic to build a decent customer base.
  • Generate Leads at Low Costs − Pay-per-click marketing enables advertisers to reach leads. However, thinking with a comedy sense here leads actually reach us through advertisements. When the audience is in the phase of researching and looking to buy any products or service, presenting them business offerings in the form of ads is quite impressive.  It’s an extremely effective method to bring the right customers to your site, without wasting money.

In addition, concluding with interesting information,  you can use an algorithmically generated discount to reach more customers. This is rewarded from the search engines in exchange for making their users happy.

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