Perfect Google’s Alternative Search Engines for you

Thinking beyond google is very uncommon between us. Most of the population worldwide have adapted Google as the only option for the best and reliable search engine. Google is now an integral part of our life. I am also using google for a very long time. There is no strong reason for me to switch to a new search engine. But this doesn’t mean that Alternative search engines are useless, unreliable, or misleading.

There are various other search engines that can be very useful for us. Specifically when we use them for a special purpose. Here in this article, I am going to reveal some names of search engines that you can use as an alternative of google.

Alternative Search Engines for you to use instead of Google

When anyone thinks about search engine the first name that comes to mind, is most probably the “Google”. It is the biggest reason and proof that Google is a Search Engine Gaint. Over 90% of the searches from all over the world take place on Google.

It is nice that you are using Google as your favourite search engine. But, do you know? Many other search engines can be more useful for you than Google. All you need is the right information about “How to & Why to use other Search Engines instead of google?”.

Other search engines can be more secure and advanced in terms of providing different benefits that you usually get while using Google? The article is going to cover different alternative search engines of Google. Let’s get into the details…

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1. Microsoft Bing

You must have heard of Bing because it is the first name that comes to mind as an alternative after Google. Why use Bing first as an alternative to Google?

Have you heard of Microsoft Corporation? It is an American multinational technology company. They have enjoyed great successes and earned trust over the worldwide population with their flagship operating system (Windows).

Bing is a search engine by Microsoft and ranks second according to the market shares after Google. It was started in 2009 and its foundation follows back the earlier search engines proposed by Microsoft. Two of the previously proposed search engine by Microsoft are MSN Search and Live Search.

You can use Bing for all the same kind of searches that you would perform on Google. In Case, you can practice using the search engine to conduct keyword research, discover images, maps, videos, products etc.

If you are a Webmaster or want to become in future, you should know about Bing Webmaster tools. Bing also offers webmaster tools, which are available with an extremely easy interface and technical support. If you want to submit a website for indexing to search engines, you can opt for Bing.

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What makes Microsoft Bing a more suitable alternative search engine to Google?

There are some features that attract users, especially me, to make use of Bing. These are:

  1. First, it is better for video searches, as we receive larger thumbnails and video previews while hovering over the video. Bing previews video with sound. That is great for users searching for any specific video.
  2. Second, Bing offers reward points to users who use it for searching for anything. You can redeem the reward points that you will earn to win exciting prizes like a Surface Laptop or Microsoft Xbox One X.
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You have learnt about the best alternative of Google. I am gathering further information on other search engines. I will update the article soon. Till then you can ask for any question and query in the website’s comment box. If your question will relate to the topic of this article, I will definitely include the answer in this same article.

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