Why does my Computer Turns on and Off Repeatedly?

One problem that requires urgent repair is having a computer that constantly restarts. It may be that it happens as soon as Windows is turned on, or that it occurs after a while when we are working. The thing is, it reboots itself. But, why does your Computer Turns on and Off Repeatedly?

Computers in these conditions are obviously not suitable for work. What is the possible cause that they are not working properly? Is it inevitable to have to buy a new PC when this happens, or can it be fixed?

First of all, we have to determine the cause of why it does not work.

Why does the Computer Turns on and Off Repeatedly?

The reasons can be varied and some more serious than others. In either case, there may be a solution if we can identify the problem. The most common cases that we have encountered are the following:

  • There is a problem with the fans. The processor overheats, and unable to withstand the high temperature, it restarts. And it is likely that in addition to restarting, it will also make noise. The solution, in this case, is to remove the dust from the fans, remove the casing, and check that they work properly. If necessary, new fans can be installed.
  • Problems with drivers and installed software. Sometimes the fact of installing the wrong driver causes the computer to shut down just as soon as it starts up. To get to the desktop, we have to “boot into safe mode.” Before Windows starts, we must press the F8 key. Once we can enter, we must uninstall the driver that may have caused the problem.
  • RAM modules are poor. A very common case is if you have bought a RAM card recently and it has deficiencies. It is essential to test that card to see if the error comes from there.
  • The microprocessor or some other of the components are faulty. It must be borne in mind that sometimes when the PC is restarted, the desktop is never seen, either because the problem is with the video card, or because of any other component.
  • But it can also occur for reasons unrelated to these.
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What is the solution?

To get rid of this you have to install a free software; that’s it, 😂 Just Joking Guys. 😅 Sorry, but it is not like always when you get solutions on the internet. If your Computer Turns on and Off Repeatedly, and you are unable to do anything in that, you should go for more technical support at your nearby computer repairing shop.

Now that you know the solution, hope this article has helped you understand the reasons why your computer keeps turning on and off frequently? stay tuned!

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