How to Filter Youtube Videos? | Advanced search options

Many of us Don’t know, How to Filter Youtube Videos? Sometimes it becomes really silly to find a video in the search results. Especially when we can’t find it even after scrolling and scrolling for a long time. This happens when a lot of competitors ranks for the keyword that you search on youtube.  So, as a solution to this problem, I am going to tell you about Video filtering options on youtube.  Let’s learn “How to filter youtube videos?

How to Filter Youtube Videos? | Advanced search options on Youtube

You can filter videos on youtube in the following ways:

1. Filtering videos According to UPLOAD DATE

Options Available Description
Last hour The option will filter videos uploaded within an hour.
Today Use this option to see all Youtube videos uploaded within 24 hours.
This week Using this option you can see all Youtube videos uploaded within a week.
This month Use to see all Youtube videos uploaded within a month.
This year Filter all Youtube videos uploaded within a year.

2. Filtering videos According to video’s TYPE

Options Available Description
Video The option will filter results to show you only videos on screen.
Channel Can be used to filter channels only in results.
Playlist Use this option to search ‘playlists’ only.
Movie Useful option can be used to get ‘movies’ as results.
Show Not Recommended! Currently not showing relevant results. (Last checked: 18-Apr-21)
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3. Filtering videos According to DURATION

Options Available Description
Short (< 4 minutes) Use to filter videos shorter than 4 minutes.
Long (> 20 minutes) Can be used to filter videos with a length of more than 20 minutes.

4. Filtering videos According to FEATURES

Options Available Description
Live Use to search only Live videos.
4K Can be used to filter 4k videos.
HD Filter for HD Videos.
Subtitles/CC Will only show videos with Subtitles/CC
Creative Commons Filter for searching videos with Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed).
360° To watch 360° videos only.
VR180 Will filter all VR180 videos
3D Use this filter to watch 3D Videos Only
HDR For HDR Video.
Location Location filter is also available.
Purchased Purchased videos

5. Some other options to SORT youtube videos


Options Available Description
Relevance The option will filter videos according to their relevance.
Upload date Use this option to filter all video in ascending order according to the video’s publish time.
View Count Using this option you can see all Youtube videos in decreasing order according to their view cont.
Rating Use to see the most liked video, on the top in results.
After reading about these options of filtering youtube content I think you are excited to discover that where you will found these on youtube.

How will you use advanced filter options on YouTube?

You can use one or more filters together from the list that I have given above in this post. To do so you have to visit There in the search box, click and type your query to get search results. When you click on the search button you will get your results on your device screen as shown in the figure given below.
How to Filter Youtube Videos
Youtube Search Result Page

When your results are on your screen you can see a “filter” option in the top-left of the screen. You have to click here to find all the filtering options available on YouTube. Then select from options available to filter your search results.

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