How to cleverly use Focus Keyword in first paragraph

How to cleverly use Focus Keyword in the first paragraph?… Hello webmasters, to be very clear, here “cleverly use” doesn’t mean that we are going to game with search engine rankings. Here in this article, we will discuss smarter ways to use Focus Keyword in the first paragraph, that are genuine ways of optimizing the first paragraphs.

Cleverly use Focus Keyword in the first paragraph

Case 1

A good “first paragraph”  or “Introductory paragraph” should start with a core sentence. Now, If you are able to add your focus keyword or keyphrase in that core sentence, it is good to add. But after adding your keyword successfully, use the rest of the lines in your paragraph to explain what readers can expect from the content. Use the rest of the lines in your paragraph to mention your aim and describe it with supporting lines, if you believe that can be useful.

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All this is important because it is sure that all your audience does not only consist of returning visitors.  You have to focus on new visitors that don’t know about your stories and products. That is why you should always confirm that the introduction of your article provides the visitor with enough clues to continue further reading.

Case 2 of cleverly using Focus Keyword in the first paragraph

It is not necessary to use the focus keyword in the first sentence of your first paragraph. Sometimes, you will not be able to place the focus keyword at the very start of your paragraph. Let’s assume, that you want to grab the attention of the reader with an incident or a question. In such cases, you should place your focus keyphrase as soon as you can, in next lines. But you still have to clear what your page is about.

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Further discussion

In any of two given cases, it is good to provide readers with short and accurate information. Try not to write about something that is totally irrelevant to your topic. If you will do so, the reader may think that you do not have the exact information for which he is seeking articles. And you will lose your reader.

Very importantly, be cautious not to overuse your keyword, because it may make your text repetitive. Repeating keywords excessively is called Keyword Stuffing and it is very dangerous for your SEO.

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And here’s another tip from our side. Try to write the first paragraph after you’ve completed the full article. By doing so you’ll have a better idea of the content of the post, which might make it simpler to compose a great and enticing introductory paragraph that smartly includes your focus keyword.

We hope that the information that the post’s title “How to cleverly use Focus Keyword in first paragraph” is promising you, is given in this article. See you soon with another informative article.

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