What is Keyword Density in SEO? Keyword Density Calculation Formula

Have you heard about Keyword density? It is a foundational aspect of on-page SEO. It is important to understand this for ranking webpages into search engines. And should be used correctly, to attract search engines and to raise a page’s position on search engine results pages (SERPs). When overlooked, it can harm a page by degrading rankings or even by a search penalty, removing it from search indexes altogether. This post will reveal that information about “What is Keyword Density in SEO?” and “Keyword Density Calculation Formula“. This way you can receive the bonuses of the fully optimized webpage. This will also help you to avoid the deadfalls linked with this SEO best practice.

What Is Keyword Density in SEO?

Keyword density is a part of keyword optimization that should be focused in order to achieve a high ranking in search engines. It refers to the number of times a focus keyword is stuffed on a webpage. It is a percentage that outlines how frequently the focus keyword appears comparable to the text length or number of words on the page. Keyword density is one of those signals used by search engines to determine whether a piece of content is related to a particular keyword or not.

Keyword Density Definition

It is a part of keyword optimization that relates to the number of times a focus keyword is stuffed on a webpage.

Keyword Density Calculation Formula

Keyword Density = [(Number of times keyword appears in Content) / (Content Length in Words)] * 100

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Understanding with Example

Let’s take this example…

Keyword Stuffing Example
Count the Keywords in this example, also count the total words.

You can see that the keyword appears five times in a paragraph of 25 words. So the keyword density in this content length is 20%. [ (5/25)*100 = 20 ]

This percentage is very high than the keyword density percentage threshold. However, there is no specific number for the percentage of keyword density. But it is a best practice to stick around 2% keyword density.

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