How to use Keywords for SEO? Best Practice

 The days of Keyword Stuffing are now gone. That is why stuffing keywords into the web content is not beneficial these days. While excessive stuffing of keywords negatively affects the website rankings. So here the question arises that how to use keywords for SEO?

Many webmasters think that keyword density is the key factor of ranking any web page in Google search. They think that there is a special number of percentage of keywords should be maintained with a word count of the content on the web page. This isn’t the case, however.

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How to use Keywords for SEO?

In actuality, the best approach is just to ask yourself about keyword use and placement. It is always better to place keywords in an article where it will be naturally readable. Also, make sure that the keyword should be usable and should match the context of the main article. After successful insertion of keyword, you can attach a useful and appropriate link to the keyword or key term to help the reader. With this natural way of keywords insertion, you will most likely rank in the search results.

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Inserting keyword naturally is a strategy that should be used by any website looking to improve their search rankings. Rather, webmasters should focus on using keywords smartly and naturally. In order to inspire readers and customers, with valuable content and higher rankings.


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