Checklists for SEO, Keyword research, Content Writing, Link building

Hey, we have collected some checklists from the web. Reading long articles sometimes tiring for us. That is why we have collected all the important checklists for SEO, Keyword research, Content Writing, Link building and etc. You can skim them all fast. If you want to go in-depth at any point, visit the link to read more about each checklist. You can find clickable links at the bottom of every checklist.

Basic SEO checklist 2021
  1. Install Yoast SEO
  2. Create a sitemap
  3. Create a robots.txt file
  4. Install Google Analytics
  5. Set up Google Search Console

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Keyword research checklist 2021
  1. Find a primary keyword to target
  2. Assess ‘search intent’
  3. Research what people want to know
  4. Assess your chances of ranking in Google

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On-page SEO checklist 2021
  1. Use short, descriptive URLs
  2. Write a compelling title tag and description
  3. Use one H1 on your page
  4. Link to relevant internal and external resources
  5. Optimize your images with descriptive alt text
  6. Add schema markup for rich snippets

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Content checklist 2021
  1. Write a winning intro
  2. Focus on readability
  3. Use short sentences and paragraphs
  4. Create the best piece of content on the topic

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Technical SEO checklist 2021
  1. Fix crawl errors
  2. Make sure your site loads fast
  3. Fix outbound broken links
  4. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly
  5. Switch to HTTPS

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Link building checklist 2021
  1. Replicate your competitor’s backlinks
  2. Monitor and reclaim any lost links
  3. Pursue unlinked mentions
  4. Let the right people know about your content

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