Why Is Keyword Stuffing Bad for SEO?

You may have heard that Keyword Stuffing is bad for SEO.  Is keyword stuffing bad for SEO? Here, by the end of this article, you will be able to figure out by yourself that why is keyword stuffing bad for SEO.

Why Is Keyword Stuffing Bad for SEO?

The very main reason, due to which it is not good for SEO is it creates an awful experience for users. Let’s consider that you have ranked an article by doing keyword stuffing. A visitor came to your web page, but he/she noticed that there is no useful content on the page. Instead of a single keyword that is repeatedly used everywhere. After noticing this, the visitor immediately bounced back to another article. And like this may visitors bounced back to another article.

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So, in this case, your website’s bounce rate will increase rapidly, that is a very bad signal to Search engines.

Website content should intend to engage, serve, and educate readers. If you pack your pages with keywords, you can not satisfactorily fulfil this purpose. It is not good to write for search engines, instead of users. Such practice creates a bad experience for actual users and will hopefully send users back from your page. This will surely increase your bounce rates and reduce sales and potential customers of any business.

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It is absolutely wrong to think, that filling page with keywords will bring more audience to your site, it could actually do the opposite.

Keyword stuffing is broadly denounced by major search engines. Such activities could lead to a search penalty.  In simple words, if you stuff your page with unnecessary keywords, it won’t raise your possibilities to rank higher. It will decrease them. Your page could be slapped with a Google penalty that entirely removes your page from search engine indexes.

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So, do not game with the system, avoid stuffing your content with keywords. Instead, use the best practices to optimize your content with keywords. Learn How to use Keywords for SEO? Best Practice

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