What is Keyword in SEO? Why are keywords important for SEO?

Everywhere on the internet, is talking about keyword research even if someone searches for “What is Keyword in SEO?”. All should know, that this is very important to understand the basic concept of the keyword in SEO, before learning about keyword research. Here in the same article, I am going to share a basic idea about keyword and its value in SEO. Means “Why are keywords important for SEO?”.

What is a keyword? (in SEO)

A keyword that sometimes called a focus keyword, is a word that represents the content of your post or page best. In easy language, it is a search query or term that anyone wants to rank for in various search engines with a particular page. Primarily to generate organic traffic. However, if thinking from the general public side, who actually search that term to get information. They get your page ranked with that keyword to used as a focus keyword in your post or page while writing content.

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For example, you have a website for selling Jewellery. You use that site to reach people across a region. And for getting organic traffic ( in this case these are your customers), you write blog posts about what to consider or check before buying jewellery. There you try to share your reviews about the Jwelery you offer on your online shop.

You also use that website to sell gold jewellery, that is why you have created a category page for that. Now think about the answers to these questions:

  • Which search term do you select to be rank for?
  • Which word do you believe people will try in search engines to find you?
  • What would the search term look like?
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Probably [gold jewellery], right? Because this is the exact keyword that reflects your gold jewellery page best. You may also wish to rank for keywords like, “gold jewellery shop”, “gold jewellery showroom”, “gold jewellery online”, “gold necklace to buy” etc. 

Have you noticed? That all the keywords that we are discussing here, are not actually “words”, all are “phrases”.  That is the main thing to understand, it is not necessary that keyword will only have one word, it may consist of multiple words also. That is the reason some platforms says “Keyphrase” to a keyword with multiple words.

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Why are keywords important for SEO?

One of the thing on that google focuses while ranking a page or post is the content written on that page. Its bots scan the words on the page to identify which word or phrase is importantly focused by the page. But to make it easier for the search engines, you need to use keywords fairly often.

Let’s understand this… If your page has multiple words and all used 2 times on your page, then google will face difficulty to select a keyword to rank that page. The words you use in your post are hints and clues for google. To properly give such clues to google you have to repeat your keywords multiple times in your post or page. If you use your keyword multiple times within your content, search engines like Google will easily understand your clues. And then the search engine will rank your web-page for that keyword.

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Till now, you learned that you have to use keywords multiple times in your page or post to rank it on google. But, Search engines are not everything to focus upon. You also have to focus on your website’s user or customer. You need to read the minds of your targeted audience and use the words that they are using to explore information through search engines.

When you use keywords that your website visitors normally searches for, you get most out organic traffic. And that is why keywords are important for SEO.

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What happens if you will use the wrong keywords?

When you use the wrong keywords, you will never get organic traffic. And getting organic traffic is our main motive to achieve. You’ll never get your desired visitors on your site if you practice for wrong keywords while writing content. The simplest reason behind this is that the text will not match the exact keyword that your audience is searching over search engines.

Inversely, when you use proper and well research keywords, that your audience is actually searching for, your website will be flooded with organic traffic. So, your keywords should reflect what the public is searching for. With the faulty keywords, you’ll only get the wrong audience or none at all. That’s why practising the right focus keywords is really important for SEO.

How should you use keywords in your pages and posts?

You may be thinking of using many keywords while writing content. But using a lot of keywords on a page or post will make it difficult for visitors to read and understand the information. There used to be a period of time when people used to add a lot of keywords to rank their pages or posts. Doing so these days is out-fashioned. Such keyword stuffings are also not appreciated by Google. That’s why doing more keyword stuffing is not gonna help you to rank in search engine giant Google.

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What are the rules of thumb here?

Initially, it’s very essential that your content is easy to read. Surely, you should use some relevant keywords in your content, but don’t overstuff them in almost every line of your text. Usually, if 1 or 2% of total words of your text are your keywords, then you’re not overstuffing. Make sure to distribute all well throughout your text. Don’t place all your focus keywords in the very first paragraph thinking that you are done with the part of the search engine optimization. Naturally spread all the keywords throughout your content. Don’t forget to use your desired keywords in headings or in a few subheadings. All these factors will vary depending on the text length on your page or post. Using it in page title, first paragraph, and in your meta description is a good and permissible practises to rank in google.

Now, if you have skimmed the whole article, we guarantee that you now have a common perception about What is Keyword in SEO? Why are keywords important for SEO?  This information will surely support while doing keyword research, which undoubtedly is the next and important step!

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