Differences between Keyword and Keyphrase | With Examples

You’ve believably heard that performing keyword research is a necessary, first step in optimizing your website accurately. But these keywords can just be single words or likewise be longer multi-word keyphrases? In this post, we are going to describe the differences between Keyword and Keyphrase.

What is a keyword?

A focus keyword or a primary keyword is a word that represents the content of your page or post best. It’s the search query that you desire to rank for with a certain webpage. In order to receive traffic, when people search for that keyword in search engines like google or other alternative search engines.

For example, you have a blog about dogs, and you’ve just crafted a blog post all about pups. The keyword that represents your post best is likely: “puppy”. 

Now, let’s check what is keyphrase?…

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What is keyphrase?

A (primary) keyphrase is the search phrase used multiple times in your content. In order to generate organic traffic with that search term.

Taking the same example again, you have a blog about dogs, and you’ve just crafted a content all about how puppies can become obedient. The keyphrase that represents the content of the post best is something to be like this: “puppy obedience training”. 

Now let’s discuss the differences between keyword and keyphrase …

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Differences between keyword and keyphrase?

If talking about the Keywords or keyphrases, both describe the nature or topic of what the content is about. The difference between both is that keywords are single words, where keyphrases are built up of a few words.

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