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It is a fact that 68% of user clicks go to the top five ranking URLs in the search results. To direct traffic towards your website, you must be in the top positions in the SERPs. To get and maintain a high rank, you must regularly improve your Google page ranking with techniques like SEO.

In this article, we’ll discuss Google page rankings in detail. We’ll also try to understand “how to improve your Google ranking for better results and to drive traffic.

Google Page Ranking Factors | Google PageRank

What is Google Page Ranking | Google PageRank Explained

What is Google PageRank?

When I was trying to improve my rankings, I thought, how we get our rankings on Google. An important contribution in positioning search results, come from Google PageRank. Google PageRank is an algorithm that is used to rank webpages in the search results.

This algorithm determines the value and relevance of your webpage. If Google thinks your webpage or website is relevant and presents quality information, it will rank your webpage higher than a less informative webpage.

I am not saying that this is a sole factor that Google uses to determine the rankings, it plays an effective role in deciding where your website comes in the search results. It considers the quality and number of outbound links to your site. So, according to Google PageRank Algorithm, you should have a good number of quality outbound links to your webpage. This will help you in increasing your Google page ranking.

How to improve Google ranking? | Important Factors

To get better search results for your website, you must know how to increase Google rankings. Here I have given eight ways to improve your Google ranking.


Positive User Experience for Better rankings
Try to give Positive User Experience

User experience is an essential thing to maintain for visitors’ regular visits on your page. If you will not maintain it, visitors will leave your website to find better user experience somewhere else. It’s demanding, that you give your audience a positive experience every time when they visit your site.

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Lack of positive user experience drastically reduces your traffic. Your audience will leave your site and the services that you are providing from that site. This will also increase your bounce rate. High bounce rate will decrease your web page rank and google think that users are not happy with your services.

It should be in our mind that a website is created for the audience. A website helps your audience get to know your services. You need to serve them with a positive user experience so they will feel connected with your services and become familiar with your brand.

When Google ranks any site, it mainly includes website visits, session duration (time on site), pages clicked per session and bounce rate. If a person spends more time on your website and looks at numerous pages linked there, then google will receive a positive signal, that your website is informative.

You can improve the google page ranking and website’s user experience by:

  • Making navigation simple and user friendly
  • Adding visuals with the text on your page
  • Ensuring your site looks great on every device ( use responsive website design)
  • Regular observing your website’s performance (traffic analysis)

These practices will help in improving your site’s user experience. Focusing on these, points you can maintain traffic on your website.

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Improve Google Page Speed
Google Page Speed

I found a fact on google that, 83% of users demands a website with a load time of three seconds or less. Users want that page should be opened within seconds of clicks on the results, they don’t want to wait around for your site to load. Users want fast and efficient information. Users prefer to leave the site it takes too long to load. You could lose almost half of your traffic to your website only because of this reason.

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Pages with slow loading issues are disliked by google and hence decrease your rankings.

Every person leaving your page because of its lazy loading will affect your bounce rate negatively. Google will consider your page less relevant and your competitors’ pages will rank higher.

To prevent this unfavourable condition, you need to actively improve your page speed. You can use Google PageSpeed Insights for checking issues that slow down your page speed. Here are some page speed improvement tricks:

  • Repair broken links
  • Delete unnecessary white spaces from your coding
  • Decrease the number of redirects
  • Use compressed images on your site

There are many ways to improve the load time of your website, but I have given some of them.
If you want achieve better google page ranking by providing fast load time to your audience, comment below, i will surely create an article on that.


You can use SEO for content marketing. Why do you create content? You create content to drive more traffic and to spread your business.

Content does not mean any written text, it can also be a video, infographic, ebook and blog. You can provide all these things as per your audience’s desire. You should also keep in mind that, your audience want knowledge and expert advise. So, provide only the content in which you are expert.

Before creating content, you need a topic. Then, keyword research helps you to make a list of relevant keywords you can use to in your content.

Select long-tailed keywords from your list. Keywords with three or more words, help you to bring more traffic to your site than keywords with fewer words.

Once you have your chosen keywords, do a quick search on Google. Observe search results and see what competitors are writing about the same topic you have chosen. Also, pay attention to commonly asked questions around the keyword. You can find questions in “People Also Ask” section of the results page.

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People Also Ask box
People Also Ask box

These questions will guide you while creating content. If you add answers to these questions in your content, you will satisfy a huge amount of audience. And this satisfaction also affects google page rankings.

SEO is a valuable technique for improving Google page ranking. SEO Content creation is one of the major ranking factors that surely affect your site’s ranking. If you want to know how to boost Google rankings, consider investing your time in learning SEO. You can also choose content marketing services if you want to drive traffic without spending time learning SEO.


50% of Internet traffic comes from mobile, it’s important to focus on mobile users. Google understands the value of mobile users. Mobile-friendliness of a website is now considered as an important ranking factor for any website. Mobile-friendliness means how your site looks, loads and respond on mobile. If your page isn’t friendly for mobile searches, it will damage your ranking.

To create a mobile-friendly site, it is important to integrate responsive web design into your website. Responsive designs allow your website to adjust to whatever device a user is using. Your website will automatically adjust itself to fit the user’s screen.

So, here we end our list of some important factors that help in improving Google Page Ranking. For any confusion or for more detailed article comment below.

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