What is Search Engine Indexing in SEO?

Search Engine Indexing is one of the most important things to understand. Especially when you are planning to get organic traffic from search engines. Here, this post will give you an idea about “What is Search Engine Indexing in SEO?”.

Before getting started, let me explain something about crawling. Crawling is the process that is necessary before indexing and ranking of any webpage in search engine result pages. In this process, the search engine bots fetch information from the web page to read on-page data. Now, let’s see what is indexing in SEO?

Search Engine Indexing in SEO

SEO is the technique to get organic traffic from search engines. After Crawling (fetching data from a webpage), search engines use the Indexing process to add webpages to their search engine index.

Indexing is the method used by the search engines to organise information in their search index. Search engines use this technique to facilitate users with super-fast responses to queries.

What is the need for search engine indexing in SEO?

Searching the individual pages (that can be of any length) for keywords or queries would be a very slow process for search engines to distinguish and identify relevant information. Instead of this, search engines (including Google) practice indexing for all webpages.

While indexing, search engines reduce words of a webpage to their core meaning. They do so to reduce the number of resources needed to store and retrieve data. Now, this will be a much faster approach for search engines to list and retrieve all known webpages against all relevant keywords and characters. And this is the reason search engine indexing is used in SEO.

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In the same manner, our webpage gets indexed in the search engines. And for each search query generated by users,  search engines fetch the data from their search index and serve results in decreasing order according to their relevance. All those fetched results, have hyperlinks to the webpages, that contains the actual information.

So, we can say that Indexing is an essential activity to get the website ranked or listed in the search engine. We can also say that a website cannot be ranked until it will be indexed.

We hope that we have cleared all your basic concepts about search engine indexing in SEO. If you think we have missed something you can leave your suggestions below in the comment box. We would be glad, to receive appreciation and suggestions from your side.

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