What is Rojgar Mela? | What is Job Fair?

What is Rojgar Mela or Job Fair?.. You are probably here to know more about a very common term among job seekers. Or it is also possible that you are a job seeker, who wants to explore more about this term. Well, whatever it is, let’s get to the main point.

Rojgar Mela (Job Fair)

It is an event that every job seeker wants to attend. Rojgar Melas are organised events, where employers and job seekers come together for applying and interviewing for jobs. You can take this event as a strategy to fast-track the meeting of employers and job seekers.

Rojgar Melas are mostly organised in large assembly halls with a booth for each company, business or employer. Every booth usually has a table placed in front of it displaying company brochures and information. At these tables, several company representatives stand behind tables to talk to job seekers.

When you visit such events you can easily observe some company stalls deeply decorated with banners and signs. Now if talking about the size, Rojgar Melas range in size from 5 – 100 employers and a huge crowd of hundreds of job seekers.

Most of the time small Rojgar Melas can be seen busy with lines of hundreds of job seekers waiting to see company representatives on company booths/stalls.

If you are a true job seeker then you should visit such events, who knows when you met your dream company!

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