How to wash your dog at home? Dog bath Hacks

Bathing our pet is a recommended activity for all dogs, as long as some basic guidelines are followed.  Today, we will talk about “How to wash your dog at home?” and what should be done to clean furry to make him happy! Take your time and a little patience to turn your pet’s bath into a pleasant activity that is part of your routine.

Tips to Wash your dog at home [ Dog bath Hacks ]

We have been bathing our dogs for a few decades, specifically from the moment they began to be acquired as pets. A dog is washed for aesthetic but above all hygienic reasons, and it is that with a good wash we eliminate dust, mud and all kinds of dirt. Bath is important to remove bad odours and keep the skin and coat of the dog healthy. Bathing your dog periodically will also prevent infections, diseases and better control the presence of external parasites.

Choose a suitable place for the bathroom

If the temperature is pleasant, we can fill a basin with warm water and bathe it outside, but if this is not the case, the bathtub or shower in any bathroom will be more than sufficient. 

We must bear in mind that the dog, once wet, will shake more than once or twice, so the chosen place must be prepared to fill with water. The most important thing is that the dog feels comfortable and that we have space to handle it easily.

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Guidelines to follow to wash your dog at home

1-  To begin with, it is advisable to tie the dog with a nylon leash, resistant and prepared to be wet without any problem. In this way we will prevent the furry from leaving the bathroom area, leaving everything wet. If the dog is small and calm, we can do without it.

2- We must wet the dog with warm water, never cold or very hot. The best thing will be to start spraying it progressively and accompany the process with caresses, massaging his body and comforting him with our tone of voice and body attitude. Avoid getting water in your ears, as it is a very delicate area and could cause otitis in the long term.

3- Choose a special shampoo for dogs, if possible, for the type of hair of the dog.

4- Have clean and absorbent towels on hand to wrap and dry quickly. As we said before, the dog will want to shake it off right away, so the sooner we dry it, the better.

5- If the dog feels comfortable, we can prolong the stay and take the opportunity to untangle the coat. Wet hair will make it easier for us to comb it and will let go of a large amount of hair that the dog will no longer expel around the house.

How often should a dog be bathed? [ Dog bath LifeHacks ]

Bathing your dog too frequently causes the dog to lose the natural fats that its skin generates and that give its coat a shine. For this reason, it is recommended to bathe your pet every week, but we can do it monthly. In general, dogs with long hair are recommended once every 4 or 5 weeks, while for short-haired dogs, every 2 or 3 months is more than enough.

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It is advisable to familiarise dogs to the bathroom from an early age, incorporating it into their lives as another routine. Positivizing this activity with caresses or rewards at the end of the activity will make the dog associate grooming with the prize that comes later.

Cheer up! By following these simple tips you will see how bathing your pet does not have to be a challenge.

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