Audio sharing Features on Facebook – like Clubhouse #IC_Shorts

Audio sharing Features on Facebook – like Clubhouse Features. Reports said Facebook is constantly working on its personal live audio product, called Live Audio Rooms. And we might see this feature soon in FB Groups. As Facebook will test Live Audio Rooms in Facebook Groups.

Facebook – super interactive and engaging platform

Facebook is already a super interactive and engaging platform. One of the most engaging section on Facebook is– Facebook Videos. Now Facebook is taking its platform to a next level and soon is going to test “Live Audio Room Feature in Facebook Groups”.

Live Audio Room feature is one of the Predictable Steps taken by Facebook

Facebook (FB) declared several new features for creating and sharing audio on Monday, 19-Apr-21. All these steps are actually predictable, as Facebook moves toward video feature behind YouTube, shorts feature behind TikTok and disappearing photos after Snapchat.

And now we are observing the same behaviour of Facebook in the Clubhouse case. As Facebook is bringing Clubhouse like features on its platform. Let’s wait, may we get something better to use on Facebook. What do you think? Leave a Comment…

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