How to Choose Keywords for SEO in 2021?

If you are asking “How to Choose Keywords for SEO in 2021?”, I am expecting, that you know that what are Keywords in SEO?. So, let’s talk further… Here in this post, I am going to cover four points that you need to remember while choosing keywords for SEO.

How do you choose keywords for Seo in 2021?

The very first thing to check is the ‘Search Demand‘ of the keywords before choosing them for SEO.

What is Search Demand?

This term represents the search volume of the keyword on the search engines per month. So, first of all, you have to check the search volume of any keyword before considering it right for SEO.

If you ignore this very first step, you will found yourself wasting your time on doing SEO for a keyword that actually has not been searched by users.

But ‘Search Demand’ is not the only factor to notice while choosing the right keywords for SEO. In fact, this metric alone can actually be a bit misleading. Let me tell you why?

Let’s take the keyword “Km to miles“, it has a great search volume. But you might have noticed that for such keywords google has its own handy calculators that google places on top of all search engine results that come up for such keywords.

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Even after having such a great search volume the keyword “Km to Miles“, is useless for you to target for SEO. Because in around 80% of cases, there are chances that the user will use the calculator that google is providing to him.

The Second thing or metric that you have to check is ‘Traffic Potential‘. Yes, you can check the Traffic Potential of the keywords before using them for SEO.

What is Traffic Potential?

Traffic Potential is actually a metric that tells about the total traffic that a website can get if it will rank on google for any particular keyword.

Let me explain this in detail… According to Ahref’s Research on over 3 Million Keywords, it is found that the page that ranks on top in google, also ranks for a thousand other similar keyword in the Top 10.

So, if you are planning to rank for a particular keyword, there are plenty of chances that your page will also rank for hundreds or even thousands of other similar keywords in the list of Top 10 search results.

After this much explanation, you can easily understand that the traffic potential is a much more reliable metric than search volume.

How to Choose Keywords for SEO in 2021 like a Pro

Choosing keywords based on ‘Search Volume‘ and ‘Traffic potential‘ alone is not a good idea. You need something more to become a pro in choosing keywords. Let’s see what it is?

To choose a perfect keyword for SEO, you need to assess your keyword’s ‘Business Potential‘ too.

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What is Business Potential in Keyword Research?

Business Potential is a simple term that represents the value a keyword has to your business. This means, how important the keyword is for your business, website niche etc.

Now to understand this term better, I have taken an example. Assume that you have a ‘Dog Food‘ Website, where you sell dog food. Then Keywords like “buy dog food” are definitely more important for your website. So it is a keyword that has high business potential.

Now considering another keyword i.e. “best dog food“. This is also a good keyword that can attract a relevant audience to your business. But users searching for this term are less likely to make a purchase from your website than those who are searching for “buy dog food“. So keeping this in mind we can say that the “best dog food” keyword has less business potential than “buy dog food”.

And now, in this case, Let’s consider the very first keyword that we have discussed in this article i.e. “Km to miles“. This keyword does not have any relation with your dog food business, that is why this keyword has zero business potential. And targeting such keywords is waste of time for you.

The last but not the least factor that you have to keep in mind is ‘Search Intent‘.

What is Search intent?

It is the reason behind a searcher’s query. Taking an example again, let’s say you have a cooking recipe website and you want to rank for a keyword i.e. “Toaster Oven”. Then before choosing this as your keyword you have to check the existing search results for the same keyword.

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In the case of “Toaster Oven”, you will notice that most of the top search results are from E-Commerce Websites. This clearly reflects the search intent of the user i.e. to purchase a Toaster Oven.  And here every time there are more chances that the user will type this query (i.e. Toaster Oven) to make a purchase.

So if you feel that you are going to match the user’s search intent while writing the article, then you can choose this keyword for SEO otherwise not.

So I am very sure if you go through the metrics like search demand, traffic potential, business potential for any keyword and if you also take care of user’s search intent. Then you can choose the right keywords for SEO.

Good Luck! if you have read and understood all four main points to choose keywords for SEO in 2021. For any queries, use the comment box, I will surely provide you with my best. #Stay_Safe #Keep_Visiting.

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