How to find topics for writing articles? 5 Methods

Finding news topics to write articles for blogs is not a difficult task, but it is, if you are unaware of quick & full proof methods, that I am going to discuss here. Here I am going to share some quick ways to generate new article ideas, that will answer your question “How to find topics for writing articles?” Let’s get into it…

Generate or How to find topics for writing articles?

If you are a blogger or someone who needs to write articles for some reason. Then you are at the right place. With my quick methods to find new article ideas, you can feed your audience with much information on different topics.

1. Blog Ideas Generator – HubSpot

Blog Ideas Generator or Blog Topic Generator is an online tool offered by HubSpot. You can generate ideas to write upon any keyword you wish. The only thing you have to do is, just type the keyword (noun), like SEO, cooking, insurance etc. in the area given there. Then you have to hit the ‘ADD’ button embedded there.

After this small effort, this tool will collect and show you ideas or topics to write an article that is related to the keywords/nouns you have entered.

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2. Use Quora

It is also an efficient tool to find ideas about writing articles for blogging or any purpose. As you know Quora is a platform that everyone uses to submit questions & answers. So, this is the best place for you to get ideas about writing articles. How? When you visit there you will see a search bar somewhere at the top. You can add your keyword there on which you want to find topics to write.

When you will try a search on Quora, then Quora will present a long list of questions that the general audience is asking on quora. Each question right here can be your topic or idea to write or generate new articles. For your information, the topic you are reading (How to find topics for writing articles?) is also taken from Quora.

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3. Answer the Public

The platforms are different but the process is the same here also. Just visit, type any keyword/noun, press the search button. Just by doing this, the tool will display the questions upon which you can write beautiful articles.

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4. QuestionDB

You can say that the next tool i.e. QuestionDB is an alternative to Answer the Public. Because both tools have many things similar in them. Here also you have to search for a keyword and the tool will fetch and display all the related topics to write articles from its database.

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5. Youtube

By seeing ‘Youtube’ in the list you might think, am I crazy? The answer to this is “Yes, I am.” Guys, I found youtube as a great tool to use for searching for ideas for writing articles. And I advise you, not to underestimate this tool in our list. You can try this, Now! just open a new tab on your device and search your keyword on which you can write something.

While observing your search results you will be amazed, that each video title is a question or topic on which you can write excellent articles. So make sure to try it every time when you stuck somewhere while finding ideas for writing an article.

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In the same way, you can use many other social media platforms also, like Facebook Groups, Twitter, etc. I can also elaborate this article with more tools for finding new ideas for writing articles. But I think these five tools are enough to answer “How to find topics for writing articles?”. Even if you want more, let me know in the comment box. See you! Keep Visiting!

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